Bothasig Clinic to Undergo Changes

The Bothasig Clinic has come under much negative discussion over the past number of years due mainly to the perceived lack of services provided, explained Ward Councillor Helen Carstens.

Bothasig Clinic is a City run facility providing primary health care and the call for many years has been that there should be a doctor and pharmacist at the facility. This was put in place a number of years ago but due to legislation both had to be removed. This caused much distress in the community as patients then had to travel to Dirkie Uys in Goodwood for their doctor visits and prescriptions. This in turn, produced many challenges.

“I have been aware of all the unhappiness about this,” says Cllr Carstens, “and I have been working on a way to provide an expanded package of services at the Clinic. This is not a simple thing to change as there are different spheres of government involved and service level agreements that cannot simply be ignored.”

“However, I understood the needs of the community, especially the elderly and vulnerable in our community and was to a point relentless in pursuing alternatives and additional services at the Bothasig Clinic.”

“I am happy to announce that all the pursuing has finally paid off and the Bothasig Clinic will be taken over by the Western Cape Department of Health. What this means is that the facility will be run by Province and it will provide an expanded package of services that will include a doctor permanently at the facility as well as a fully operational Pharmacy and full curative care,” explained Cllr Carstens.

On 2 March, a public meeting was held in the Bothasig Community Hall where representatives from Provincial Government and the City were present. It was at this meeting that the MEC for Health, Minister Mbombo said, “Bothasig Clinic is being upgraded from primary school to high school.”

“I would like to ask residents to please be patient during this change over, as it will not happen overnight as there are many things that need to be brought in line with legislation, but they can be confident in the knowledge that it is happening,” said Carstens.

Cllr Carstens said that she was very pleased that the facility will soon be able to service all the residents of the ward and that this change would also take much pressure off Dirkie Uys.

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