My Viewpoint – March

It truly amazes me how every single person walking this great wide Earth each has their very own opinion on any number of matters. What tends to happen is that people gravitate to those who are of the same or similar opinion to themselves and when this happens, it increases the likelihood – to them – that their opinion is the correct one.

This, of course, can be a rather delusional outlook because it is not in essence the correct way/answer etc.

However, we are surrounded by many individuals (and their like-minded groups) who believe that they are correct and it is usually this group of individuals who are in the minority but who are also the loudest about making their argument or their point.

My thoughts and attention have wavered in this direction due largely to the political activity we see around us lately. Not being politically involved or associated, I see it from an outside point and at times, simply have to laugh.

I am not going as high as the President here as I might have a laughing fit, but just keeping it local where people, it appears, are vying for positions believing they are the perfect person for the position. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. Where varying belief systems come into play that actually form that perception, it turns it towards many options that could be described.

In any event, as they say in the classics, let the show go on – there can only be one person in the end and as the classics further say – let the best man win!

I say that if a community is open to suggestions and opinions it makes it a lot easier for all, but when we get stuck in whatever era we come from and become dogmatic in our opinions, it simply makes it harder for things to materialize smoothly.

In my concerted opinion I think we should live and let live and we should not sweat the small stuff (or the big stuff).

Until next month…

See ya, Nats

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