SAPS Bothasig would like to remind firearm owners to check their firearm licences and competencies to ensure that they are still valid.

According to WO Jacques Naudé, the designated firearm officer at SAPS Bothasig, owners need to apply 90 days before the expiry date of the licence and the competency card. When applying for the renewal of a competency certificate, it is not necessary to go for training again. Firearm owners only need to apply for renewal of the competency certificate and the firearm licence at the local firearm office. If the licence has expired, they need to contact their local Firearm Office as soon as possible.

Firearm owners need to take note that if they have applied and received the new licence, then the old green card for that weapon will no longer be valid. If they have moved from the premises where they resided when they originally applied for their licence, they must also inform SAPS regarding a change of address. This should be done at the SAPS office serving the area under which the new address falls.

For more information regarding the application or renewal process ccontact WO Jacques Naudé or Mr Mninawe Daweti at Bothasig SAPS during office hours on 021 559 9414 and 021 559 9425.

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