The stalwart of SUV’s and some will say the creator of the SUV segment, is the Toyota Fortuner. The history takes you back a number of years with a subtle change here and there however now, we welcome the new Fortuner.
Toyota have just launched the all-new Fortuner and it has a new look both on the exterior as well as the interior. The exterior boast new shapes with sloping detailed defined back windows, new bi-halogen head lights that wrap around the front of the bonnet; new accentuated rear lights with detail that wrap around the back; thicker seats for more comfort; roof racks and a shark fin; improved body, style and core performance aspects.
The interior boasts a combination of leather, soft materials, wood grain and gloss that creates a new look for the dash area with a Tablet-style 7 inch display screen with DVD compatibility.
The 7-seater provides more space for all passengers with even the back row able to carry adult passengers. More space was created by thickening the seats and keeping the backing thinner, thereby creating more leg room. The one-touch-tumble back seats fold to the side in the boot area.
New colours have been introduced to the lineup including Sporty Blue and Chestnut Brown. There are 6 diesel variants with a new 6-speed auto transmission diesel and 2 petrol variants. Prices start at R429 400.

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