Councillor’s Corner


Dear Residents


Important feedback on the Bothasig Clinic is that the process of the transfer from a City-run facility to a full curative Provincial-run facility is on track.  There are a number of processes that must take place before actual services can be rendered, not least the property and the staff.  I can confirm that this process is underway and as soon as all legal processes are in place, services will be rendered.  We are waiting for the all current legislative processes to comply and once this is the case, change will take place.  I can advise that all processes for legal compliance have been lodged and are currently awaiting approval.

I will certainly stay on top of this and keep you informed all the way until the doors to the upgraded facility open.


I would like to remind residents that there are various ways to report service request matters to the City.  You can either sms a complaint to 31373 or 31220 (no more than 160 characters) or you can phone the call centre on 0860 10 30 89 or email or even better you can report a complaint on-line on the City’s website.   On the website, under the heading Service Requests there is a 1-pager that must be filled in. This is called a C3 notification.  The C3 system is quite easy to use and it goes directly through to the correct department for action.  Once created you will receive a dedicated reference number which you can follow up yourself to keep track of progress.  You will also receive a report when the item has been dealt with and from this point I receive a report each month at the Subcouncil meeting from which I can monitor and chase up outstanding matters.  I certainly wish to encourage as many residents as possible to make use of the C3 logging system.

I would like to further remind residents that there is a page of useful contact numbers for various departments and emergency numbers at the back of the telephone directory.


It is with a deep gratitude and indeed an honor for me to announce that I have been appointed by the Democratic Alliance as the candidate for Ward 5 in the upcoming Local Government Election on 3 August.  I am deeply honored and privileged.  My current term has been a short one, but one that I have focused all my attention on a few key developments in the area.  Not least of these is the Bothasig Clinic transfer to Province, the play apparatus and gym apparatus as well as the soon-to-be installed disability apparatus on our parks, the upgrades to both the Edgemead and the Bothasig Community Halls, the upgrade to the skate park which is due to take place, the fencing in of the cricket fields, upgrades at the Abe Sher Sports Fields,  the disability parking at the Edgemead Shopping Centre, funding to the Edgemead and Bothasig Libraries, traffic congestion relief for Adam Tas and De Grendel Avenues, the painting of street names, the street sweeping and litter picking, the Rent-a-Cop as well as the two-way radios for the Neighbourhood Watch.


The YOUR STREET campaign is all about taking back your street, your community.  This initiative I started last month where I met with a number of residents in different streets and we set up the YOUR STREET campaign.  I would like to roll this out to as many streets as possible so that bit by bit we can stand together against unwanted behaviour and action and bring back a pride and camaraderie in our communities.  If you are interested in having YOUR street participate, please contact me via my email address above.

Helen Carstens, Ward 5 Councillor 

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