Edgemead High Grade 11’s take on Orange River rapids

A group of 36 Grade 11 learners from Edgemead High School went on the Orange River from the 20 to the 25 March. They were all very excited because it was the first time many of them were crossing the South African border.

“Our experience was amazing. As a group we bonded and formed new friendships with people we would never have expected to call our friends. The food was delicious and we were always excited to see what would be prepared for us. We developed a newfound respect for the teachers as we listened to their advice and laughed at their jokes,” said Grade 11 learner Jade Vester.

She added that a definite highlight was the Shambok Rapid. “We were all extremely nervous as this was the toughest rapid on our route. Thankfully, only two of the canoes capsized. We were all very proud of ourselves after that.”

“We enjoyed the water fights, the constant rowing, tanning in the breaks and going down the safer rapids on our bums.  It was a once in a lifetime experience and we definitely look forward to going again in the future,” added Jade.

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