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The other day I was fortunate enough to hold a tiny baby in my arms.  This little creature of perfection got me thinking. We come into this world as perfection, yet somewhere down the line and through the years we forget this.

Anyone with a young baby will know that that baby has no qualms about stating exactly what it likes and does not like, what it wants and does not want.  It will laugh and smile when happy and cry and shake it’s little hands and feet when not happy.  If it does not like the food you offer, it will spit it out, if it does not want to eat, it won’t open its’ mouth.  A baby is focused on itself and has no shame in letting you know this.  This beautiful perfection starts to fade as the baby grows and is, all too soon, lost.

I was pondering how nice it must be to see the world through those young eyes – where everything is new and every experience is exciting.  Where life is a kaleidoscope of colour, ever-changing.

Today we, as adults, see the world through a totally different lense, one covered with anything but a kaleidoscope of varying hues.

Are we better off, or is the baby in the better position?  I am sure that there are a myriad of opinions on this, not least of all that knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss.  I can digress on this one but will leave it at that.

So, during the month of May we celebrate Mother’s Day and, as a mother myself, the memory of holding my own children as babies is quite precious.  Therefore in this month of mothers, let us be thankful to the woman who gave us life, who nurtured and guided us the best way she knew how to – because we all know there is no instruction manual!

To all the mommies and grannies out there, may you have a special month.

See ya, Nats

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