Councillor’s Corner


Dear Residents

We are already half way through the year and less than two months away from the Local Government Elections.  As the Voter’s Roll has been closed now, I thank the thousands of residents who made the effort to check and register/re-register.

The first half of the year has been extremely busy and this will continue for the next half of the year, with the many commitments of Council as well as those of the Democratic Alliance.

Bosmansdam Road verge has unfortunately become somewhat of a track where people are racing their quad bikes and suchlike.  This is causing damage to the verge and it will soon become unsightly to passing motorist.  In order to prevent this, I have had a signboard erected prohibiting this type of activity.

Speeding on our roads has become a common occurrence and the only way to curb this is by a permanent show of traffic enforcement. I do continuously write to the Traffic authorities asking that they regularly clamp down on the lawlessness of motorists ignoring traffic rules and turning our residential streets into racetracks.

This however is not possible due to their limited staffing, but I do constantly request their intervention.  I was quite shocked at the report provided for the month of April where 88 motorists were fined in Bothasig for exceeding the 60km/h speed limit on De Grendel Avenue.  Some were caught doing speeds as excessive as that of 120km/h.  On Vryburger Avenue in Bothasig, 185 motorists drove 103km/h and 72 motorists at 150km/h, in a 60km zone.  This blatant disregard is alarming and I urge motorists to look out for each other and their community where at any point in time a child or an elderly person can venture onto any road and become another statistic.

To touch on the subject of house numbers, I would like to remind homeowners that there is a by-law in place that stipulates a dwelling must display a visible number.  Although this might seem insignificant, it is of the utmost importance in the case of an emergency for service providers to locate an address and attend to the situation.    I was most surprised during my street canvassing that there are so many houses that do not display any number at all and I can only imagine the confusion that could arise should the Police need to locate a house number urgently.

This leads me to road verges.  Many, many years ago the City of Cape Town implemented “adopt a spot” where home owners adopt the spot in front of their house and maintain it.  Perhaps some have forgotten this but it is important to keep this practice of cleaning in front of our houses as it assists in creating a neat community that we can be proud of.  Through ward allocations, street sweepers are allocated to the main roads, but it will never be possible to have street sweepers in every street, so if everyone can maintain the verge in front of their house, this will assist in keeping the area neat and tidy.  I must commend many home owners on their beautiful gardens – some are so beautiful one can simply get lost in them.

I have been communicating with the necessary departments to ensure that regular cleaning of our main roads, parks and lanes take place.  We are honestly finding it difficult to keep up with the constant littering and dumping taking place.


Helen Carstens, Ward 5 Councillor 

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