De Grendel Lions Club celebrates 43 years

The Lions Club De Grendel celebrated its 43rd birthday on 29 May, representing 43 years of voluntary service to the community and other citizens of the Cape Peninsula and South Africa.

“This was no small achievement and deserves our thanks together with our greatest respect,” said Lion Mike Wood.

“The club continues its legacy and amongst many other projects the food collection and delivery project is paramount where, thanks to our sponsors, food is collected and delivered on 26 days each month.  Weekly we feed 250 people, which amounts to providing over 13000 meals per year,” he added.

This is just one of the club’s responsibilities that will ensure future generations can look back on the club with respect and gratitude and be proud to be associated with the club.

Members soon develop belief in themselves which, coupled to a whole-hearted approach, make it possible to visualise different approaches towards achieving their target.  “At times, in order to make things happen, ice must be broken to allow rivers to flow freely,” Mike said.

“In our ‘new’ South Africa we find many red tape obstacles that need to be circumvented to enable service delivery to happen.  The first time is always difficult, but by developing a thick skin and persevering, the Lions Club is able to do amazing things for the community,” he added.

The Lions Club focus for 2016-2017 will be Youth – Vision – Hunger – Environment.

The first three goals are pretty evident but Lions environmental projects are not as well known to the public.  Regular open spaces, beaches and community cleanups are organised; recycling is a high priority; Donating water and fodder to our country’s drought stricken areas; Raising funds to save the endangered wild life species, e.g., the rhino; Planting trees, greening areas and facilitating community vegetable gardens; Developing nature trails; and Promoting nature photographic competitions.

“Lions live, love and laugh.  It is acknowledged that each Lions member touches the lives of 50 other people.  This means that between 50 and 200 million worldwide are influenced,” Mike said.

“We thank The Guardian and other media sources who report on Lions Club activities.  We invite all people who wish to obtain more information or to assist us with our activities to contact our incoming President Lions Patrick Pillay by emailing,” added Mike.

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