A senior couple residing in Edgemead had a frightening experience on 19 May when they were robbed at gunpoint after stopping in front of their home.

According to the 72 year old resident they went to ABSA at N1 City to draw cash in order to pay contractors, who are in the process of renovating their house, as they are unable to receive payment via EFT.

When they stopped in front of their house, they got out of their vehicle and started to walk towards their front door. Two unknown men ran up to them pointing a firearm and demanding money. The residents’ wife, who was closer to the house than him, saw what was happening and showed the two robbers her hand bag, which the one assailant then grabbed. Both ran back to their vehicle, a Mercedes Benz, in which they arrived, and fled the scene.

The couple then discovered that thankfully the large amount of cash had fallen out of the handbag and into a flower pot during the commotion. The robbers however did make off with a very expensive handbag containing car keys, a wallet containing money and other personal property.

The couple suspects that they might have been observed when drawing money at N1 City and followed home.  They were very thankful that no one had been injured during the incident.

A case of armed robbery has been opened and is currently under investigation by SAPS Bothasig. Anyone with information regarding this incident can contact the investigation officer, Const Thulile Ruka during office hours on 021 558 3688 or the Crime Stop number on 08600 10111.

The station commander, Lt Col Patrick Jacobs, mentioned that members of the community could be targeted when drawing large amounts of cash at banks. His advice is to look around, even when inside the bank. If anyone is exhibiting suspicious behaviour, immediately inform security and, if necessary, redeposit the cash. When travelling with large amounts of cash, check regularly to ensure that you are not been followed. In the event that you followed, drive straight to the police station closest to you and report the matter.

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