Father’s Day and what it means to you

Your father is one of the most important people in your life, though you may not have made him realise this quite often. Father’s day is the occasion when you can thank your doting dad for all his efforts to make life easier for you. The occasion is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor in most parts of the world by giving gifts and greeting cards to fathers. Just like any other occasion, Father’s Day is also associated with some customs and traditions that have remained unchanged over time.

Father’s Day Customs & Traditions

Giving gifts to your father on Father’s day is a longstanding tradition. On this day, children give innovative presents to please their fathers and make them feel special. Some common gifts that are given on Father’s Day are greeting cards, chocolates, books, DVDs of movies and music or weekend getaway vouchers. There are also many children who do charity on this day.

Yet another popular Father’s Day tradition is organising a family get-together and spending time with dad. This tradition is more popular among large families, which use the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and party big time. Breakfast or lunch buffets are a common feature at such get-togethers.  Some children also arrange family picnics on this day.

Dining with dad is a tradition that is followed in almost all parts of the world on Father’s Day. while it may not be possible for some to enjoy all the meals of the day with their dad, special effort is made by all children to make sure that they eat, at least, one or two meals of the day with their dad, with the table laid with all his favorite delicacies. A lot of people also cook their Father’s favorite dishes on this day.

In many countries of the world, societies, schools and clubs have long been organising cultural programs on Father’s Day as a tribute to fatherhood. The common programmes that are organised at such events are craft making competitions, games and sports events. Board games are also played for entertaining the people and the guest of honour.

Another important tradition of Father’s day that is observed by many is writing letters to dad. Children write a letter to their daddy to tell him that he is really admired and looked up to by them. However, over the years, the tradition of writing letters has been replaced by sending emails. Irrespective of what medium is used, the tradition of writing to dad has survived through the years.

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