Hyundai Tucson 1.6 Turbo Executive review for her

JUN16-18Hyundai has reintroduced the Tucson SUV back to the public with the new model.  Back in 2005 the Tucson was available here and was later replaced by the ix35.  Hyundai SA’s marketing director said that the overall total sales of the Tucson and the ix35 prove just how popular this SUV is.

There are offerings of a diesel engine or a turbocharged petrol engine.  The six-speed manual 1.6 Turbo Executive was the model that I drove.

The Tucson is certainly well-rounded in the SUV contender range, with a dynamic design, solid build quality, a range of creature comforts, loads of space and offers a smooth, light drive.

The interior is spacious and the rear seats fold down, to create a large and versatile option.  The centre console has a six-speaker audio system with Bluetooth connectivity, USB and auxiliary inputs.   Features include daytime running LED lights and auto lights with auto windows and side mirrors.  The rear view mirror is auto dimming and the Tucson has cornering lights which are always most helpful when driving at night. Additionally the side mirrors fold in on locking.  The Tucson also has auto-locking doors on drive-away – this remains one of my favourite features on a new car as I am very security-conscious, which anyone on the road should be.  Another feature I really enjoyed was that of the reverse camera that displays in the rearview mirror.

The all-leather black interior creates a luxurious feel.  The leather-wrapped steering wheel has a number of controls including volume, cruise control, menu navigation and phone.  The front seats are electronically adjustable and the driver side features lumbar support.  Speed dials are trimmed in silver and there is an option from the menu to have a digital speed display as well.  The Tucson has gear change indicators which I felt prompted me to shift way too quickly – my hand wasn’t even back on the steering wheel from changing gears when the indicator already showed that I should change up.  I tended to ignore it.

The Tucson is by all means a large SUV with accentuated wheel arches, definitive silver trim on the doors culminating in a distinctive V shape to the back.  The voluptuous, curvy bonnet has slivers of lights on each end and the main grille includes several silver strips which run horizontally across  – Certainly a dynamic and impressive design.

Having conceptualized the size of the Tucson, it is realy quite something that it provides such a smooth ride – not just my opinion – this was mentioned by my passengers as well.  The drive is quiet too.

With different variants and engine outputs the Hyundai Tucson is indeed a varied option in the SUV market with both city and off-road capabilities, loads of space and a touch of refinement.


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