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Have you ever been in a situation where there are varying degrees of perception?

Let me unpack what I find so interesting, especially when I sit and watch people and situations that go down.  Every human being walking this planet has their own idea of how something must be, and that is fully acceptable to me.  We usually call this idea, perception.  Therefore how I perceive something and how you perceive something can be totally different, yet they can both be correct.

Have you ever listened to a person’s tone of voice?  Again, how you perceive it and how I perceive it can, and usually is, in two different ways.  Also, neither is the right way or the wrong way.

I lay this out because I have come across so many different opinions and viewpoints where huge altercations take place with different people vying for their view point or opinion or perception to be correct.

I find this quite amusing, but I also find it quite frustrating, because so much time and energy gets wasted in what is actually nonsensical.  My motto is let it be.  If you want to believe that the earth is square, go right ahead and believe it.  It is not for me to convince you and stress myself out by making you see that the world is actually round – (so they say!); it is not for me to make you see things the way I see things; it is not for me to make you perceive what I perceive.  You must make your own choice.

We all have a choice in this world and with that choice follows a consequence.  It is time that people let people be, don’t be hell bent on forcing your opinion or view point on someone else.  Let everyone be and do what they decide is correct for them.  That is why I let the speedster, on the road behind me, pass – if he wants to speed, I let him, he will suffer the consequence of the speeding fine or the accident or the culpable homicide charge – that is the consequence of the choice he made.  It is not for me to get all heated about him speeding – he is speeding, I am not.  His choice and my choice, and therefore because I believe in driving the speed limit it is not for me to stress myself out and get all angry because he is not driving the speed limit.

So, “don’t sweat the small stuff” is a phrase that should be taken more literally.  Therefore, if you do not agree with me…that is your choice and it is fine 🙂

…until next month

See ya, Nats

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