A time to come and a time to go: Lions Tony & Hettie Allan – Serving Lions 1974 T0 2016

An old African proverb contains an amazing truth, “It takes a whole village to bring up a child.”  We are all products of the community that we grew up in. Our parents gave us our biological form, the family raised us but the community impacted on our lives and shaped us by their influences. For this we thank the community and need to help contribute to the solution of their problems by contributing to their future hopes. In this aim a person needs to be forthcoming and help plan to uplift the areas facilities and to cater for the needs of all, both young and old.

A thoughtful saying “To meet someone is an opportunity to provide a kindness.”  An earlier 2016 Braintainment Magazine Edition devoted a full multi page article on how the spirit of kindness actually returns many benefits to the donor(s):

Generally their health is better than others; Their stress levels are lower; They experience a wondrous upliftment of inner feelings due to their compassion, love and generosity and they share much laughter; Many additional benefits accrue to the donor especially when actively involved by giving time and assisting with community service.

Perhaps community service volunteers have discovered a secret that has eluded others preferring to operate as an island. (Here Firms also need to be reminded of their Social Responsibilities) The answer will not be known until the first step is taken and the toes are allowed to get wet.

Here our club would like to report the involvement of two special persons with 42 years active membership who have resigned but decided to remain Friends of the Lions Club De Grendel.

It would be an impossible task to attempt to record the gratitude, emotions and words for all of their assistance, friendship, dedication and support over these years – but until the English language develops such a word, a simple “Thank You” will have to suffice.

Lions Club De Grendel was chartered on 14 June 1974, at Libertas Hotel. The Charter night was a glittering occasion, and Tony Allan was one of 40 Lions inducted and, his wife, Hettie as Lion Lady. Tony said that most of the Charter Lions were friends, and all were very excited at the idea of forming a brand new Lions Club. Their membership included a host of business people, and enthusiasm and the wish to serve the less privileged abounded. The Lions Club with its` large young membership, was very enthusiastically involved in all the services that they do today, plus many others.

Lion Tony said that some of the nostalgia of the Charter Evening of 1974 was re-lived, when he had the privilege as outgoing President in 1999, to arrange the Lions Club De Grendel’s 25th anniversary, with a large number of past Presidents in attendance. Lion Lady Hettie was inducted as a Lion in May 1999, which coincided with his tenure as Zone Chairman. Tony added that she was always very supportive throughout, and always assisted him with all his projects.

“Talking of projects – beside all the regular Club projects and various portfolios – one of my favourite projects was twinning with Lions Clubs` abroad. In the process we made many friends, and also visited when travelling overseas. One of the projects closest to my heart, was initiating the Hearing Aid Exchange Project, with Lion Gerald Adams of Exeter West Lions Club in the UK.  The project resulted in excess of 20,000 H/Aids being supplied to us for distribution to our local hospitals, for the benefit of the under privileged at no cost, since 1998,” said Lion Tony

“In closing the above, all points to a united team effort by Lions, who had great fun while serving those in need out there. All of this was made much easier for all of us as male lions, with the assistance of our willing and able female partners in service, with all our projects plus theirs. We were like one great big family – great occasions – great -camaraderie – all done in the true spirit of Lionism.”

“We have given many hours, days, weeks, months and years of service.  It was not an easy decision, but we have finally decided to step down after 42 years of rewarding service to our community as Lions,” Lion Tony added.

To put the Hearing-Aid Project, partnered with the Lions Club of Exeter West in perspective, every digital hearing aid costs R16 000. The total value of the project will be in excess of R40 million at second hand value.

Extra members and help are always welcomed in particular for the September Ladies Spring Day Dinner and Fun packed afternoon and for the “October Beer fest.”

Please contact the De Grendel Lions Club President Patrick Pillay  on 078 797 3283 or email: pillay.patrick405@gmail.com if you wish to find out more information about the club.

Lion Mike Wood, De Grendel Lions Club

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