City rolls out smart fines

The City of Cape Town’s Traffic Service is adding another technological advancement to its arsenal with the roll-out of smart SMS technology that will allow motorists to pay fines via their cellphones, tablets or personal computers.

The technology has been brought on stream by the City’s service provider who is responsible for generating and sending fine notices.

For the past few months, the service provider has been testing the SMS service. A message containing a link to a secure webpage is delivered to a motorist’s cellphone. They are then able to view the fine by inputting their identification number, with additional options to download or e-mail the fine or even pay it directly from the link.

The smart short messages will not replace the traditional mailing of first notices as these will still be sent via the South African Post Office. The service will allow the City to monitor exactly how many people have received the text message, opened it, and downloaded or paid the fine.

Traffic fines can be viewed on the following mobile operating systems: Android, Windows, IOS, Blackberry, Symbian, and Linux. The system is also compatible with desktop computers and tablets. The browser compatibility includes: Internet Explorer 7 to 11, Internet Explorer mobile, Firefox, Chrome and Android, Opera, Safari, Dolphin and Konqueror.

The public can still use any of the existing channels to pay fines. This service is meant to simplify life for everyone involved and members of the public are invited to use the system and give feedback so that it can be tweaked if need be.

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