Letters to the Editor

Worse than stepping in dog poo

Stepping in dog poo in your own garden is the pits. But stepping in dog poo in your own garden when you don’t even have any dogs of your own is even worse. 

We reside in Bothasig and have a palisade fence in the front of our property. We don’t have any pets and yet there is often dog poo on our lawn, inside the fence! Clearly some people in the neighbourhood think that it is ok to allow their dogs to defecate on other people’s property just because they are small enough to fit through the fence. I’m sure we are not the only residents who experience this problem and find it very annoying, inconsiderate and even rude. Besides the inconvenience to us and other residents, surely, as dog owners, you should know that it is illegal to allow your dogs off their leash in public and that you are expected to pick up after your dogs???

All we ask is for you to show some common decency and consideration when walking your dog in the neighbourhood, just as we are sure you would expect the same from the next person!!

Annoyed resident, Bothasig

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