New Disability Equipment for park in Edgemead

Residents who are disabled and wheel chair bound now have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with the rest of their families.  Ward 5 Councillor Helen Carstens has installed disability equipment on The Bend Park in Edgemead.

“This equipment which comprises of two swings will certainly bring inclusivity to an outdoor park,” explained Cllr Carstens, “the idea comes from a long way back and stems from my interaction years ago with a severely disabled boy.  It came to me at that time that no matter if you are disabled in any way, you still would enjoy the outdoors.  I often wondered what it must be like for a wheel chair bound child to watch their abled sibling flying high on a swing and also whether the wheelchair would even be able to access the park.”

Carstens explained that much planning went into the placing of the highly specialized equipment with many site visits and much variables coming into the equation.  She said the different aspects that needed to be looked at included the level of the ground as well as easy access and traffic implications.

“The Bend Park was eventually earmarked as the most suitable, and I am really happy because it is a park that has play equipment, gym equipment and now disabled equipment.  A family can really have a wonderful time at this fully inclusive park,” said Carstens.

“Most of the activities in the world are aimed at full-bodied persons often with little or no thought given to people with disabilities.  I now hope that wheel chair bound persons of all ages make use of this equipment.  The swings are able to take small and larger chairs, catering for all ages,” Carstens said “and I hope to add more apparatus in the future.”

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