Edgemead / Monte Vista Library re-opens after 6 weeks of maintenance

Nobandile Xwayi (Librarian), Marga Phillipson (assistant librarian), Nobubele Tandwa (Librarian), Helen Carstens (Ward Councillor), Lorraine Mathewson (Principal librarian) and Cheryl Heymann (District librarian for district 5).
Nobandile Xwayi (Librarian), Marga Phillipson (assistant librarian), Nobubele Tandwa (Librarian), Helen Carstens (Ward Councillor), Lorraine Mathewson (Principal librarian) and Cheryl Heymann (District librarian for district 5).

The Edgemead / Monte Vista Library held a finger supper on 14 July to celebrate their reopening after six weeks of limited service while they underwent much-needed renovations.

The event was attended by staff, members of the Friends of the Library, local crafters, special guest and volunteers.
While the library should have in fact been closed during the renovations, the staff worked hard to still operate, albeit in a limited capacity. On sunny days they ran the library from the veranda outside, while Ward Councillor Helen Carstens lent the library use of her office alongside the hall.

Principal Librarian, Lorraine Mathewson, said that the staff worked hard to keep the library running during this time as they had to work through dirty and dusty conditions. She thanked them for all of their hard work. She also thanked volunteers for their assistance as they came in and started dusting, cleaning and shelving books, even before the maintenance was finished. Read more

August Competition

Congratulations to Rosalie Kleynhans (right), the winner of our July Competition. She entered via SMS with the correct answer: Renault Kadjar, and won a R200 gift voucher from Victor’s Pizza & Pasta in Bothasig. Rosalie received her prize from Patrick (left) of Victor’s Pizza & Pasta.
Congratulations to Rosalie Kleynhans (right), the winner of our July Competition. She entered via SMS with the correct answer: Renault Kadjar, and won a R200 gift voucher from Victor’s Pizza & Pasta in Bothasig. Rosalie received her prize from Patrick (left) of Victor’s Pizza & Pasta.

To enter our August competition and win a prize contact us via Twitter, Facebook or our Webpage or SMS  0218018487 and you could be a winner.  To stand a chance to win, simply find the answer to the following question in this edition of The Guardian and send it to us via facebook, twitter, our website or SMS it to us along with your name and contact  number.

Read our reviews on page 6 and answer the following question:  Which vehicle reviewed in this edition has indents on the steering wheel for the driver’s thumbs?

Competition closes 26 August and entries received after this date will not be accepted.  The August winner will be placed in the September edition of The Guardian.  Please note you must provide us with your first and last names as well as your contact number in order to go into the draw for the monthly prize.  You must be able to collect the prize to enter.  Entrants who have won a prize in our competition must wait three months before they are able to enter again.  Only one entry per person.


My Viewpoint

We have certainly been having some bizarre weather here and throughout the country lately.  Tornados in Gauteng, snow and severe flooding in Durban, and freezing, icy cold right here.

We have also seen certain unseen things in politics, both here and abroad.  Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and now Michelle Obama, while here we have some 204 wannabees all wanting to take over from the ANC.

There are so many things going on everywhere that one has to wonder what really is going on.  Some say it is nearing the end of times; some say it is a severe shift that is taking place.  Whether it is the end of time or a shift in time, I for one say that something big is certainly taking place.

There is an edginess and a hurriedness around everyone and everything that at times I feel it would be good for us to throw away every electrical appliance and revert back to the stone age!

It seems that before all our technology came along, people lived calm and stress-free lives.

But back to the shift.  Do you feel that something is happening?  It is as if there is an expectancy – but for what?  Or is it just me that feels this, and perhaps a few others…

If the aliens haven’t come to get me, I’ll be back next month…

See ya, Nats


Ward Councillor Helen Carstens     Cell: 083 564 7024      E-Mail: helen.carstens@capetown.gov.za

This serves to remind residents that Ward 5 consists of Edgemead and Bothasig with me, Councillor Helen Carstens, as your incumbent councillor.

Recently, confusion ensued when it was incorrectly reported that Richwood – presently under Ward 105 and reporting to Subcouncil 7 – would be part of Ward 5, when in fact Richwood will become part of Ward 1.

Due to the confusion and complaints emanating there from, I wish to clarify the matter to Bothasig, Edgemead and Richwood residents.

Following recent public meetings and my own concerns, the subsequent issues were raised:

  • Road maintenance and pothole repairs;
  • Tree pruning;
  • Street sweeping and cleaning of lanes;
  • Weed spraying

A meeting under the chairmanship of Alderman Taki Amira, Chairperson of De Grendel Subcouncil and I, was held with the relevant line departments and the respective outcomes are:

Road maintenance and pothole repairs

Residents are firstly encouraged to log service request notifications via the City of Cape Town’s Service Notification System whenever potholes are observed.  The maintenance of roads within the City of Cape Town is done via a policy application done by expert engineers where after budget proposals are put forward via the Integrated Development Plan (IDP).

The Area Engineer is at present compiling a reseal/rehabilitation of roads within Ward 5 for the purpose of the 2016/17 budget year.  The Area Engineer further confirmed that road maintenance in general, inclusive of attending to potholes, is being done on a continuous basis and emphasised the fact that registering of service requests on the City’s Service Notification System will assist to further enhance this service.

It is common knowledge that this is a very expensive, but much-needed exercise.  In future, the Subcouncil and relevant Councillors will be notified of corporate capital work planned for the next quarter, which in turn will be posted on the website and circulated to all community-based organisations (CBO) on the Subcouncil database, a reason for all role-playersto register to be included on the Subcouncil CBO database.

Tree pruning and tree removal

Currently the tree pruning is being done on an ad hoc basis due to inter alia no tenders in place.  Once again service request notifications should be logged so that it can be recorded for future management.

Tree removal requests should be attended to via the City’s Service Notification System so that the experts can investigate and respond.

It is important to note that there are four categories of tree work, namely: root pruning, tree pruning, tree removal and tree pruning along main roads.  The process to appoint a new tenderer is projected to be finalised by the end of August and should be fully operational shortly thereafter.

Street sweeping

Street sweeping at present is attended to via the Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP) providing employment to unemployed persons living in the area.  Similarly any streets and lanes that require attention can be recorded on the City’s Service Notification System.

At present there is one worker employed at the Edgemead Taxi Rank to clean the area and every Wednesday there are workers in Edgemead Drive, Letchworth Drive and Louis Thibault Avenue to do street sweeping.  The litter bins referred to hereunder are also cleaned every Wednesday.

In Bothasig two workers sweep, clean litter bins and lanes in De Grendel and Vryburger on Mondays and Fridays, Wednesdays Bosmansdam gets cleaned and the lanes get cleaned on Tuesdays.  Vryburger, Link, Tafelberg and Botma Street get cleaned on Thursdays.

Other streets are attended to on an ad hoc basis.

In respect of Ward 1, Richwood, the area is cleaned in employing EPWP workers with litter picking at least once a week which is also done by EPWP workers.  The City’s Utilities Department regularly engages the Subcouncil office to recruit EPWP workers with little success.  Residents are encouraged to request unemployed persons to call at the Subcouncil office in Goodwood and register on our database for employment in this regard.

Green bins

The green refuse bins are placed for the public/pedestrians to deposit cool drink cans, paper, etc.  It was reported that all sorts of other articles are being dumped, i.e. dead dogs and household refuse which are causing the bins to overflow.  The bins are regularly cleaned and then immediately abused.

Weed spraying

Weed spraying is normally done during March and September each year at the time of active growth.  A programme detailing weed spraying in each area is awaited and will be circulated to all role-players.

The foregoing perspective is indeed important and on receipt of further information, communication to role-players will follow via the Subcouncil.


The group visiting De Grendel Home, consisting of members from Bothasig SAPS as well as students from Northlink College, with some of the residents of the home.
The group visiting De Grendel Home, consisting of members from Bothasig SAPS as well as students from Northlink College, with some of the residents of the home.

Bothasig police celebrated Mandela Day 2016 by visiting De Grendel Home, a learning and care centre for autistic people in Bothasig.

The visiting members, accompanied by students from Northlink College, were hosted by Andelene Thysse, founder of the centre, and her daughter Danielle Thysse.

The visitors were given an insight into the challenges faced by people with autism and what it takes to take care of such a person. Members were also educated on the various levels of autism and what the condition entails.

Mrs Thysse said that one of the most important sources of income for the centre is recycling, and that the residents were quite knowledgeable and assisted with the grading of the products that can be recycled.

Bothasig SAPS Station Commander Lt Col Patrick Jacobs said that it was an eye opener and very educational. He mentioned that the station will take the centre on as a project for 2016 and look at how they can assist in respect of the recycling project.

When they left, the residents were left to enjoy the eats and drinks and try on the new clothes and test out the puzzle provided by SAPS Bothasig.

Anyone who would like to obtain more information regarding autism and the care centre can contact Andelene Thysse on 073 0442 116 or via email at thysse@webmail.co.za.

Serving seniors at Bothasig Clinic

AUG16-08Ward Councillor Helen Carstens was at Bothasig Clinic for Mandela Day and spent the 67 minutes serving tea and coffee to the patients who came to collect their chronic medication.

“We set up a table with a selection of rusks, biscuits, tea and coffee and served the seniors as they came for their medication,” said Cllr Carstens.  “It was wonderful to sit and chat with many of them who were pleasantly surprised to be offered a cup of tea,” Carstens said.

Planet Fitness partner with Edgemead High

Neil Brits (Regional Sales Manager), Chad Pierson, Natasha Pierson (Regional Training Manager), Damon Watt (Sports Administrator for Edgemead High School), Zoe Thomson, Jonothan da Luz, Simone’ Loubser, Regal Colyn (Regional Corporate Marketing Manager).

Planet Fitness getting involved with Edgemead High in a fitness relationship where they did a presentation for the students about Planet Fitness and encouraging the students to get into a healthier and fitter lifestyle.  To help Edgemead High achieve this, they are giving all the students and teachers a free limited membership to start using immediately.


This year the Santa Shoebox Project celebrates its 10th birthday. In the 10 years since the project began in a suburban home, it has distributed more than 550 000 personalised shoeboxes to children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds across South Africa and Namibia. More than 50% of those shoeboxes reached children in far-flung rural areas.

The theme for the 2016 campaign is “More Than Just a Shoebox”, focusing on how the donation of a Santa Shoebox not only gifts the recipient child with a personalised shoebox filled with daily necessities, but also instils a sense of self- worth and presents the child with the promise of a better education, improved hygiene and dental health and those simple things that every child should enjoy, sweets and a toy.

“To see so many lives touched by this project every year is simply awe-inspiring,” says Chief Executive Officer Irené Pieters, “especially considering that each one of our 50-or-so drop off locations are run by volunteers who want nothing more than to see delighted and joy-filled smiles on children’s faces at Christmas-time.”

“Some of the most touching moments are the expressions of gratitude from recipient children’s parents who aren’t in the position to buy their children Christmas presents and are so grateful to strangers who are willing to step forward to do so. It’s an annual reminder of the generosity and compassion of South Africans everywhere and we hope to continue this work for another 10 years at the very least.”

As we always do, we will be proving you, our readers with the relevant information very soon as to how you can make up a box which we will collect and drop off at the relevant drop off point. Keep an eye out for further info coming soon.

Fifth round of WP Karting Regional Championships

Mayhem ensued at the fifth round of the Western Provice Karting Regional Championship at Killarney International Raceway on 30 July, when a multicar pileup occurred shortly after the start of the second heat of the Junior Max division.

Above: Andrew Rackstraw (440) looks on at the mayhem unfolding before the start of the second Junior Max heat as Pole man Jason Coetzee (446) gets airborne after being rammed from behind in a multiple Kart pileup. Unphased, after restart, Jason went on to complete his clean sweep of winning all 3 heats.


Peter Smallbones, WO Luan Stears and Anthony Pearson handing over a crime prevention pamphlet to a motorist, Mr Stuart McLachlan at the roadblock in Vrybrger Avenue.

Bothasig SAPS and their partners against crime held a very successful high density crime prevention operation on 27 July.

Under the leadership of Warrant Officer Leon Streicher members from Bothasig police supported by City of Cape Town Law Enforcement, Bothasig and Edgemead Neighbour-hood Watch as well as Swart Security, District Watch and ECP kicked off with a road block in Vryburger Avenue in Bothasig, and later followed up with a vehicle check point in Letchworth Drive in Edgemead. Five traffic fines to the value of four thousand rand were issued for, amongst others, unlicensed motor vehicles and driving without a driver’s license.

Afterwards the focus shifted to crime prevention patrols in hot spot areas. At Edgemead Village Centre participants patrolled on foot and handed out crime prevention pamphlets. This was supported by the SAPS Air Wing who participated in the operation by doing an aerial patrol in Bothasig, Edgemead, Richwood, Burgundy Estate and Kleinbosch. With the “Eye in the sky” patrolling, the precinct was very quiet.

The last part of the operation was focused on Edgemead High School where five classrooms were visited and 61 random searches were executed with the focus on substance abuse. The members also engaged with the learners and informed them about the downside of a criminal record. From their side, the interested learners were not shy to ask questions regarding certain aspects of the law, which were cleared up for them.