My Viewpoint

We have certainly been having some bizarre weather here and throughout the country lately.  Tornados in Gauteng, snow and severe flooding in Durban, and freezing, icy cold right here.

We have also seen certain unseen things in politics, both here and abroad.  Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and now Michelle Obama, while here we have some 204 wannabees all wanting to take over from the ANC.

There are so many things going on everywhere that one has to wonder what really is going on.  Some say it is nearing the end of times; some say it is a severe shift that is taking place.  Whether it is the end of time or a shift in time, I for one say that something big is certainly taking place.

There is an edginess and a hurriedness around everyone and everything that at times I feel it would be good for us to throw away every electrical appliance and revert back to the stone age!

It seems that before all our technology came along, people lived calm and stress-free lives.

But back to the shift.  Do you feel that something is happening?  It is as if there is an expectancy – but for what?  Or is it just me that feels this, and perhaps a few others…

If the aliens haven’t come to get me, I’ll be back next month…

See ya, Nats

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