Parking Lots: Is motoring etiquette dead?

AUG16-14-1Some of our readers have expressed anger and frustration over the lack of common decency on our roads today. More so is the fact that so many motorists don’t care how poorly they park and how many bays they take up, or the fact that it affects other motorists as they now have to look for a bay elsewhere, if they can even find one.

In one case, poor parking by a motorist, who couldn’t give a care and parked across two bays, one being a yellow demarcated bay and one normal, created a chain affect having the motorist who pulled up next to him also having to park across two bays as the available space was now skewed and affected.

In another case, and one that often comes up with government vehicles or business vehicles somehow thinking they are above the law, or that the law doesn’t apply to them, a cash in transit van took it upon themselves to park in a disabled bay in order to collect cash from a local business. According to one of the shop assistants at one of the businesses at the centre, she noticed that the van also opened its door against her car, parking in the adjacent bay, damaging the paintwork in the process.

According to the shop assistant the cash in transit van pulls up in this bay on a regular basis for its’ cash collection.
Motorists witnessing vehicles illegally parking in disabled bays are urged to report the offence to the QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) by taking a photo (ensuring the vehicle registration is clear and the wheelchair parking sign is visible) and WhatsApping it to 073 853 9675, including the location, date and time.

If every motorist on the roads could be less self-absorbed and consider other road and parking area users it would make everyone involved a little happier. And in most cases when poor parking is concerned, it is not even a case of the motorist being unable to park properly, but just too lazy to care or consider the next motorist wanting the bay next door.

AUG16-14-2As for government and business vehicles, if you park in a disabled bay, not only are you breaking the law, but also preventing a disabled motorist from being legally allowed to use the bay.

I could further mention the lack of the use of indicators, motorists not stopping at stop streets or running red lights, or incorrect use of traffic circles, which I encounter on a regular basis, but for now I am just focusing on parking.

What it comes down to is simple. All motorists should bear in mind that there are others on the roads and in parking areas, and just show a little courtesy and consideration for the next motorist.

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