SYNERGY (based in Edgemead) offers ‘learner support’ through:

FEB15-14A MENTORSHIP program designed to EMPOWER the learner to better themselves regarding: Attitude towards school / How to approach homework / Identifying learner type & how best to study therefore / Planning for exams, projects, tests & orals / S.M.A.R.T. goal setting for each subject … all done through one on one sessions and teaching how to measure, reflect and be accountable for ones actions.

SUBJECT Choice for Grade 9’s – a program to make sure the subjects chosen support the field(s) of study the learner is likely to follow after school … an important tool to EMPOWER the decision making process.

A TERTIARY Education Program that EMPOWERS the learner to identify his/her TOP 3 possibilities of careers to study post matric, relieving parents and learners of the possibility of ‘dropping out’ in year one due to having chosen the wrong course … this program inspires, informs and brings clarity, and it involves one on one session and each journey is personalised.

What can SYNERGY do for BUSINESS owners?

Are you your own boss / an entrepreneur, trying to cover all aspects of your business?

Do you feel overwhelmed at times, directionless, frustrated?

I understand all of the above, having ‘walked the talk’ myself… Synergy therefore brings you the FAST TRACK program… designed to move you from 1st gear to 5th gear without hitting reverse!

If you don’t change anything, nothing will change, but I urge you to make these changes with support and coaching mythologies… walking the unknown pathway on your own can be most daunting, so:

Let Synergy analyse your business with you, identifying potential ‘grey’ areas.

Let’s reflect on where you are at within all aspects of your business, so that changes can be made for betterment and with purpose .

Let’s PLAN the way forward with structure and purpose.

Let’s get the wheels in motion, auctioning the plan.

Let’s follow this process through over 6 months, and then reflect, re-analyse and make the changes necessary for further success.

For MORE information on any of the above, please feel free to contact me.  I am there to support you in business / your teen in mentorship.

SYNERGY: Working with integrity to fulfil our clients’ needs with purposeful steps building confidence to their decision making process.


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