City cautions residents against approaching cold front

The City of Cape Town’s Disaster Operations Centre is on standby to deal with any incidents related to an expected frontal system.

The South African Weather Service has advised that the cold front is expected to make landfall overnight into tomorrow morning, with 50 mm plus of rain expected along the mountainous areas of the peninsula.

In addition, strong to gale-force winds are expected overnight, followed by very cold conditions and rough seas tomorrow.

‘This is the first advisory in some time, given that we’ve had very little significant rainfall in the last month or so, but our agencies are well versed in disaster risk management and will be on hand to assist any members of the public in need. We appeal to homeowners to ensure that they survey their properties to make sure that gutters and drains aren’t blocked and that loose branches and roof sheeting are taken care of. I’d also like to advise motorists to stay off the roads if possible and, if they have to drive somewhere, to please exercise extreme caution,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith.

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Many residents know the struggle involved when it comes to getting service from the City of Cape Town.  Well what many don’t know is that there are a number of methods which one can use to log a service request, complaint, handle a municipal account or perform a number of tasks related to motor vehicle licensing.  The City of Cape Town E-services portal offers facilities for all of this and more, easily made available to the public.  What’s more is that once a service request has been logged, residents can keep track of the progress by receiving updates to the cellphone via SMS.

Residents can visit the E-services portal to get details on the multitude of methods one can use to log a service request.  These include: Walk-in; Call-in; Write-in; SMS-in; Fax-in; Twitter; Facebook. 

In addition there is a web portal and mobile portal for the public with self-help services.

Service Requests: For reporting infrastructural defects including street lights, meter queries, road repairs, flooding and tree removals

Motor Vehicle Licensing: Once registered members of the public can log in and find application forms, contact details and FAQ’s are available.

Municipal accounts: users can register and login in order to view their account and pay via the site.

The site also offers a section of registering pets and viewing the animal by-law of 2010.

Additionally one can look at the latest job vacancies offered by the city of Cape Town with users able to register and apply online.

Many queries or complaints can be accessed via a multitude of available methods.  Visit for more information.


Left: Congratulations to Ray Larkin (left), the winner of our August Competition.  He entered via SMS with the correct answer: Mini Clubman Cooper S, and won a R200 gift voucher from Victor’s Pizza & Pasta in Bothasig. Ray received his prize from Patrick (right) of Victor’s Pizza & Pasta.

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Question: According to our review in this edition, the Mahindra KUV100 has two drive modes.  Name one of these modes.

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My Viewpoint

Spring has sprung!  That, to me, is the wonder of nature.  No matter what, it does what it is meant to do.  This no matter what, is hurled at it and we do curse nature aplenty – it’s either too hot, or too cold, or those pesky weeds!

What would it be like if we took our cue from Mother Nature?  We would take nothing person-ally; we would do what we are meant to do without any concern for what the next person thought.

I highly doubt that a beautiful daisy with a few petals off feels ashamed or shy or less worthy.  No, it continues to flourish alongside all the rest of the beautiful daisies.

That must be what it feels like to simply “be.”  Then again we would have much better out-comes if people did not judge one another and simply let them be.

At the end of the day, who are we to judge?  Who crowned us as the authority?  Maybe that is a thought we should hold onto the next time we judge someone?

I am yet to see the book of judging criteria.  Therefore to whose standards, opinions or beliefs does one judge?

Until you have walked in their shoes or lived in their head you have no conception of why a person does what they do, therefore you have no grounds to judge.

Just saying, maybe some food for thought?

See ya, Nats

Increased shark activity expected

The City of Cape Town appeals to all beach and ocean users to be aware of the expected increase in in-shore shark activity over the spring and summer months.

‘Typically, shark sightings start in late August, and continue through to April, with most sightings being reported in mid-summer. We are also asking surfers to be especially vigilant in the areas between Sunrise and Macassar Beach as research has shown that the presence of sharks is extremely common at this time of year.

‘Together with our partner, the Shark Spotters, we will do everything in our power to enhance the safety of beach goers and ocean users over this period. We also urge members of the public to play their part, to be proactive, and to act as their own “safety officers” first,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Energy, Environmental and Spatial Planning, Councillor Johan van der Merwe.

The Shark Spotters Information Centre, which is situated at Muizenberg Surfer’s Corner, is open to members of the public from 08:00 to 18:00 seven days a week. The centre provides up-to-date information on sharks and marine ecology, basic first-aid, general public assistance and emergencies, storage of valuables, and lost property.

Shark Spotters will also be present at the following other beaches during the summer months October 2016 to April 2017:


General shark safety tips include:

only using beaches where Shark Spotters are on duty; taking the time to speak to the Shark Spotters on the day you visit the beach; using the Shark Spotters signs to familiarise yourself with the four-flag warning system and warning siren; not swimming, surfing or surf-skiing when birds, dolphins or seals are feeding nearby; not swimming, surfing or surf-skiing where trek-netting, fishing or spear-fishing is taking place; not swimming in deep water beyond the breakers; not swimming if you are bleeding; not swimming near river mouths; not swimming, surfing or surf-skiing at night; not swimming, surfing or surf-skiing if there has been a whale stranding nearby; obeying beach officials, lifeguards and Shark Spotters if told to leave the water; being aware that the rate of encounters with white sharks rises significantly when the water temperature is warmer (18ºC or higher) and during new moon, due to increased opportunities for feeding; considering using another beach if a shark has recently been sighted in a particular area where no Shark Spotters are present; asking the local law enforcement official, lifeguards or locals about the area if you are a first-time user; paddling in groups, and staying close together (in a diamond formation) for those who are kayaking or surf-skiing far out to the sea; considering the use of a personal shark shield when you go surfing or kayaking; paying attention to any shark signage on beaches

In addition, the Fish Hoek shark exclusion net will be in operation from October 2016 to April 2017. The net will be deployed for the annual Fish Hoek Spring Splash on 4 September 2016.

The Shark Spotters will keep beach users informed via Twitter and Facebook as to whether the net is deployed.

For more information on the latest shark sightings and research, please visit or follow the Shark Spotters on Twitter (@SharkSpotters) and Facebook (

Members of the public are encouraged to report any sightings of white sharks to the Shark Spotters.

8 spring cleaning tips to get it done faster


September heralds the coming of Spring.  Flowers start to bloom and the time is generally seen as a month for new beginnings.  So we start with the throwing out of old junk we have collected that we no longer have use for, or swap out or thick, heavy winter wardrobe contents for soft, thin, comfortable and brighter items.  It is also at this time that we go into spring-cleaning mode.  Before you work yourself into a tizzy trying to figure out where to begin take a look at our list of tips to help you get it done faster.

Make doormats welcoming

Shake ’em, wash ’em, swat ’em with a broom. Give them the toughest cleaning they can take. They’re your front line against tracked-in dirt so keep them clean enough to function at peak efficiency.

Clean carpets and upholstery

Fabrics that have absorbed a winter’s worth of dirt, body oil, and germs will need a deep cleaning to get them ready for another year of wear and for that close inspection by your relaxing guests. When you’re shampooing carpets or cleaning upholstery with a rented carpet cleaner, practice first in an unobtrusive area to make sure you have the knack of the machine and that the treatment won’t discolour fabrics or cause dyes to run. Move furniture just slightly not out of the room or against the wall, as the old rules dictated and place the legs of each piece back on top of small wax paper squares after shampooing. The wax paper will protect your carpet and keep the furniture legs from getting wet as the carpet dries. Open the windows to speed the drying process, which can take a day or more. If you’re not the furniture-shifting and machine-renting type, use a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner.

Finish your floors

To protect the floors in your kitchen from another year of wear and tear, wax or apply a sealer following label directions. The simplest method: Use a combination wash-and-wax floor cleaner. No-wax floors don’t need a polishing treatment, but an occasional makeover will keep them looking fresher and add a protective buffer that could help them last longer. Use a floor cleaner that cleans, shines, or both. If you have wood floors, move furniture and rugs aside, then apply a wood cleaner and either liquid or paste polish to clean and add a new wax coating.

Wash walls, cabinets, baseboards, and woodwork

The walls may not look as if they need a bath dust and soot fall to the floor, right? Most of it does, but just enough clings to vertical surfaces to warrant a seasonal or pre-holiday bath. Use a sponge and hand dishwashing detergent, washing the surface in sections. A sponge mop makes it easier to reach higher spots. Use two buckets: one for dishwashing detergent solution and another for wringing your sponge. Dry the walls and woodwork with a clean cloth.

Vacuum with intelligence

The old rules mandated that you go through the labour-intensive task of dragging every stick of furniture off the carpet, just so the vacuum cleaner could cover every nook and cranny. Instead, simply move those big items a little to the left or to the right. Vacuum the area previously occupied by the furniture and then move it back into place.

Clean ceiling fixtures

Remove dust and dirt from ceiling fans and air-conditioner vents with a cloth and a vacuum with a soft nozzle attachment.

Clean your light fixtures

A few minutes with a stepladder, all-purpose cleaner, a sponge, and a polish cloth will give new light to your life. If your home has skylights or tall ceilings, consider investing in a stepladder and extended-reach dust-and-dirt-removal tools, all of which are available at your local hardware store and at home supply stores.

Check your coils

You should clean the refrigerator’s condenser coil, usually found behind the toe grille, with a long-handled bottle brush and a vacuum cleaner with an attachment hose to remove dust and lint. Built-up dust can shut down the unit by causing it to overheat. To remove dust from coils attached to the hard-to-reach back side of the fridge, carefully pull the refrigerator out several feet (newer models roll on casters) and vacuum thoroughly; finish by sweeping or vacuuming the floor area you’ve revealed. Expect to rediscover coins, bottle caps, and twist ties that you and the cat knocked over the past year.



In celebration of 10 years of STRENGTH TRAINING in South Africa, Curves is turning back the clock to offer all new or returning Curves members, a once in a lifetime special.

From 12 TO 16 SEPTEMBER fees are going back to the original price of a membership in 2006.

The 30 minute full body workout is safe and effective for women of any age and fitness level. The members train with the support of certified coaches who motivate and guide them through their journey to get results. The equipment is specially designed for women, with safe and effective hydraulic resistance, focusing on every major muscle group.  The program is designed to not only firm, tone and strengthen, but also to help women lose weight, increase energy levels and rev up their metabolism, even at REST!  Strength training causes the body to release endorphins and serotonins which are the “feel good” hormones so you will feel better in general and be able to increase your daily productivity levels. By strengthening all major muscle groups, joints and ligaments are strengthened, increasing stability and preventing injury.

Through Curves Smart, each piece of equipment is programmed with each member’s body’s information, giving moment-by-moment feedback and comprehensive progress reports on calories burnt and muscle strength.

The Curves Complete program offers the complete weight loss solution as it combines the right exercise with an easy to follow meal plan and 1-on-1 coaching with a Cleveland Clinic certified coach. The program is scientifically tested to burn more fat than diet alone, increase metabolism and protect muscle and bone density.  At Curves you can lose up to one kilogram of fat per week AND keep it off!

CALL CURVES EDGEMEAD on 021 5595673 to book your free consultation to find out how Curves can STRENGTHEN you!


City Parks is experiencing a delay awarding the Mowing Tender (on departmental City Wide level).  There was amongst others one contractor unsuccessful in receiving any of the mowing work that went out per tender. The said contractor is now disputing the outcome of the tender and has taken the City to court. The City’s legal representatives have prepared a case for the City to continue with the implementation of the tender and we are hopeful that it will be successful. As soon as permission is obtained Parks can start using the successful contractors immediately.

Unfortunately, the tender process is beyond the control of the officials of Area 7 under which Ward 5 falls, but Senior officials are doing their utmost to resolve this.

In the meantime, the internal staff of the Parks Department is working overtime to mow these tender routes and to resolve the backlog. Please note that they have to prioritise and focus on major through routes first, where high risk is experienced; thereafter community parks will follow.

You are hereby kindly requested to please be patient while the City is trying to resolve this and note that at the Parks department they are eagerly awaiting the new mowing tender to be approved.

Ward Councillor Helen Carstens



sept16-09Call or sms 0218018487 or email to register.

Send us the age and gender of the children you want to make up boxes for.

Visit for all the details and info on how to make up your box.  Once your box is ready contact us and we will collect it from you.


We need to drop off your boxes end of October / beginning of November, so please ensure that we have your box by no later than 14 October so that we can check them for content and attach the labels.

Councillor’s Corner

Dear Residents

Here we are, fresh out of elections and at the start of a new term of Council.  It is indeed very exciting with processes being put into place.

To this end it is welcoming that at our Council meeting in August, the Mayor announced a new level of service delivery for the City of Cape Town.  This was adopted at Council and is in the process of being instituted.  I am indeed excited about this as it proposes to bring a higher level of service delivery to each area.

In essence, it is the decentralization of services.  Instead of having various departments attending to a request – which results in a slow process – there will be a team allocated to each Sub Council that will comprise of all the necessary.  To further explain this, let me illustrate as follows:  There is a burst pipe – water department come and fix the leak – they leave the road open – weeks later roads come and repair the road. Now, this will happen all at the same time as there will be a team of multiple workmen.  This team will work 24 hours a day on a shift basis and there will be a 24-hour response time.  The team will service all the wards allocated to the Sub Council which makes their area smaller as now they currently service a whole district.

Due to the restructuring required, this system is scheduled to be in place by January 2017.  It is certainly a welcome change to look forward to and will assist in improving service delivery which seems to be lacking at times.

Currently there are a number of ways to report a service request and I urge residents to make use of these as this will assist in keeping the area neat and tidy.  When reported, there is a tracking number assigned and this allows for a follow up to be carried out and keeps processes answerable and accountable.  If no success is achieved through any of the reporting processes, then an email can be sent to myself with the reference number which I will then follow up on.

I would like to provide feedback on the Bothasig Clinic.  This is still currently under the City of Cape Town, providing primary health care.  The process of transferring to Province is happening.  There are many variables and processes that have to be adhered to in this process and it is rather a lengthy process at that.  Rest assured my finger is on the pulse at all times and at no point will I allow this to alter or change in any way.  I have had meetings with the relevant role-players and I can confirm that the Western Province Health Department are ready to take up the reigns as soon as the process has been completed.

I have also contacted City Health and requested that they continue to maintain the grounds at the Clinic until the process is complete, as it is unacceptable for the grounds to be left to develop into a forest.

Regards Helen Carstens, Ward 5 Councillor