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Dear Residents

Here we are, fresh out of elections and at the start of a new term of Council.  It is indeed very exciting with processes being put into place.

To this end it is welcoming that at our Council meeting in August, the Mayor announced a new level of service delivery for the City of Cape Town.  This was adopted at Council and is in the process of being instituted.  I am indeed excited about this as it proposes to bring a higher level of service delivery to each area.

In essence, it is the decentralization of services.  Instead of having various departments attending to a request – which results in a slow process – there will be a team allocated to each Sub Council that will comprise of all the necessary.  To further explain this, let me illustrate as follows:  There is a burst pipe – water department come and fix the leak – they leave the road open – weeks later roads come and repair the road. Now, this will happen all at the same time as there will be a team of multiple workmen.  This team will work 24 hours a day on a shift basis and there will be a 24-hour response time.  The team will service all the wards allocated to the Sub Council which makes their area smaller as now they currently service a whole district.

Due to the restructuring required, this system is scheduled to be in place by January 2017.  It is certainly a welcome change to look forward to and will assist in improving service delivery which seems to be lacking at times.

Currently there are a number of ways to report a service request and I urge residents to make use of these as this will assist in keeping the area neat and tidy.  When reported, there is a tracking number assigned and this allows for a follow up to be carried out and keeps processes answerable and accountable.  If no success is achieved through any of the reporting processes, then an email can be sent to myself with the reference number which I will then follow up on.

I would like to provide feedback on the Bothasig Clinic.  This is still currently under the City of Cape Town, providing primary health care.  The process of transferring to Province is happening.  There are many variables and processes that have to be adhered to in this process and it is rather a lengthy process at that.  Rest assured my finger is on the pulse at all times and at no point will I allow this to alter or change in any way.  I have had meetings with the relevant role-players and I can confirm that the Western Province Health Department are ready to take up the reigns as soon as the process has been completed.

I have also contacted City Health and requested that they continue to maintain the grounds at the Clinic until the process is complete, as it is unacceptable for the grounds to be left to develop into a forest.

Regards Helen Carstens, Ward 5 Councillor 

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