In celebration of 10 years of STRENGTH TRAINING in South Africa, Curves is turning back the clock to offer all new or returning Curves members, a once in a lifetime special.

From 12 TO 16 SEPTEMBER fees are going back to the original price of a membership in 2006.

The 30 minute full body workout is safe and effective for women of any age and fitness level. The members train with the support of certified coaches who motivate and guide them through their journey to get results. The equipment is specially designed for women, with safe and effective hydraulic resistance, focusing on every major muscle group.  The program is designed to not only firm, tone and strengthen, but also to help women lose weight, increase energy levels and rev up their metabolism, even at REST!  Strength training causes the body to release endorphins and serotonins which are the “feel good” hormones so you will feel better in general and be able to increase your daily productivity levels. By strengthening all major muscle groups, joints and ligaments are strengthened, increasing stability and preventing injury.

Through Curves Smart, each piece of equipment is programmed with each member’s body’s information, giving moment-by-moment feedback and comprehensive progress reports on calories burnt and muscle strength.

The Curves Complete program offers the complete weight loss solution as it combines the right exercise with an easy to follow meal plan and 1-on-1 coaching with a Cleveland Clinic certified coach. The program is scientifically tested to burn more fat than diet alone, increase metabolism and protect muscle and bone density.  At Curves you can lose up to one kilogram of fat per week AND keep it off!

CALL CURVES EDGEMEAD on 021 5595673 to book your free consultation to find out how Curves can STRENGTHEN you!

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