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sept16-15aPeugeot 208 1.2T GT Line auto review for her

The Peugeot 208 is a nippy, snazzy hatch.  It has a compact appearance with a bump for the rear and a sloping slant to the neat bonnet in the front.  The front appearance presents a large grille, edged in silver up to the lights which wrap around the sides.

Inside, there is no mistaking that this 208 is built with a heart for sport.  The red thread flows through the stitching on the seats, the stitching on the steering wheel and follows through to the inlays in the doors.

The multifunction steering wheel is leather-bound and adjustable, and it too denotes the sport ability of the 208 with the flat bottom and smaller size, making for easier turning and maneuverability.

The dash flows in two parts that have the driver info and the “dropped” display screen with controls directly below it.  This presents a compact and neat appearance which is easy to see and navigate.

The 208 has all the niceties of electric windows and mirrors, cruise control, Aux, USB, Bluetooth for telephone and media streaming as well as auto-locking and split-folding rear seats.

The new 208 is in all ways sharper and more distinctive with the new front bumper and integrated grille.

It is a small car, but certainly packs a punch.  Passengers sit comfortably and the ride is comfortable and quiet.

The auto that I drove was great fun, easy to handle and quite simply a fantastic drive.  It has what is most needed as well as the sporty side and provides an economical ride.

The Peugeot 208 is an impressive offering and stands up to most of its competitors, offering a lot more of the things standard here, that are only available as extras on other vehicles in this class.

What’s more when you buy a new Peugeot you are buying peace of mind as every new Peugeot comes standard with a 100,000 km warranty and Premium Maintenance plan.

sept16-15bMahindra KUV100 1.2 review for her

The KUV100 is certainly an interesting little number.  Looking at it you see a cross-over that looks strong and daring with a high thick grille that flows through to the rear where it meets high tail lights.

The roof racks and higher ground clearance create a strong stance for the KUV100. There are many niceties that stand out, like the driver door lighting, that light up on opening the door and the auto-door locking on drive-away.

The interior is indeed spacious and the front cabin has plenty of space.  The dash is high and the gear lever is situated up high, just under the dash.  This creates extra space on the floor level, and I found this the perfect place to put my handbag, where it is totally out of sight.

The dash is totally uncluttered and easy to see and operate.  The tiny screen displays driver info and radio.  Directly below that, all at hand and eye-level, are the air-con dials and buttons and the gear lever.  The steering wheel is multifunctional and adjustable.

The KUV100 has Bluetooth telephone and media streaming, electric windows with auto in the front, electric mirrors, LED daytime running lights and the driver display includes a gear-indicator to show what gear you are in.

The KUV100 has a snazzy look about it.  The headlights wrap around to a sliver on the sides that taper to the front of the doors. Likewise the tail lights from the protruding rear have a curved line to the rear doors.

The rear doors have concealed handles, in thick silver, which allows that even though they are concealed they can be easily seen.  Front door handle and side mirrors are colour-coded to the body.  The side mirrors have thick grooves, which along with the roof racks, creates a rugged, sporty look.  The black accentuated wheel arches add to this.

The KUV100 has two drive modes, an ECO-mode and a POWER-mode.  The ECO mode I found to be quite sluggish, but switch over to POWER mode and the KUV is indeed nippy.

Light and easy to drive, the five-speed manual provides a comfortable drive, is easy to park and easy to maneuver.

It would seem cabin space was enlarged, resulting in a rather small, but deep boot area.

The pull-type parking brake takes some getting used to, but top of my list is most definitely the outstanding fuel efficiency.  Here the KUV100 is tops in my books.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one and just a few refinements would render it outstanding.

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