Fun Hats with Creative Bothasig Seniors

Ward Councillor Helen Carstens attended an afternoon with the Bothasig Seniors of the Golden Age Seniors Club.  Their theme for the afternoon was that of hats but with a twist – the hat had to resemble something starting with the letter “B”.

sept16-12bCllr Carstens joined in the spirit of the theme, but did not take part in the competition, however she did help to judge.  “This was very difficult,” said Cllr Carstens “because everyone had such fantastic ideas and it was clear that the creativity was indeed flowing.”

Councillor Carstens thanked everyone for their support and effort in the past elections and said that she enjoyed visiting with them, and hoped to receive invites to all their activities, and that she would do her utmost to attend.

“The seniors are such an important part of our community and have the wisdom and knowledge of many years.  Just because the bones don’t do what the brain remembers, does not render seniors any less productive than the rest of us,” said Carstens.

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