Coaching for Positive Change

As a COACH, my priority is to assist you to make POSITIVE changes to your life, be it personal, business or as a learner in school!!

We ALL go through challenges, but we have a CHOICE as to how we cope with these challenges, what we take out of these challenges by way of learning, and what we plan to do going forward.

So, WHAT can Synergy coaching do for you??

It can bring you CLARITY, direction, motivation, inspiration. It allows you to SEE life from a different perspective. It will BOOST your business. It will teach you TOOLS to use and apply within life as a whole.

Students flourish with STRUCTURE and PLANNING, so do businesses … most of us that are HAMSTER WHEELING need structure and planning too. Coaching will IMPACT on you in the most POSITIVE way.

You will start to LIVE life rather than exist.

Synergy offers:

  • Grade 9 – Clarification on Subject Choice
  • Grade 10~12 – What should I be studying after school
  • High Schoolers – Mentorship regarding schoolwork
  • GR 8 ~ University – Study Schedule for Exams (2 hours)
  • POWER 3 HOUR sessions to see personal change
  • POWER 3 HOUR sessions to see business growth
  • Workshops on: Time Management; Career Info Evenings

My passion is to SEE you SUCCEED … to walk the pathway with you, to work as a team, to discover what works, and what doesn’t, to change what needs to change and chuck out what you don’t need to hold onto.

My favourite saying: If you ALWAYS do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!!

So, if you feel that you’d like to chat over coffee and see what I can do for YOU or your loved ones, then please give me a call or email me.

Let’s UNLOCK your POTENTIAL together!!


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