44 years ago The Lions Club De Grendel was established in our area and found it necessary to source ways of raising funds to use to finance the Clubs’ activities.

New ways were required because the club was in competition with the many newly established Churches, Schools, Sports bodies and other bodies providing a service to the local residents.

Many of the areas housing developments were still on the drawing board and both Monte Vista and Bothasig were only about one third occupied. The residents were serviced by convenience stores, Pick ‘n Pay was just starting up and other conglomerates were due to follow later on. Edgemead and all the other suburbs extending from the Plattekloof Road side of Monte Vista right up to the Tygerberg Hills were wild and covered in bush.

Obviously there were no restaurants, nor take away shops that could give the local housewives a break from their daily cooking duties.

Coincidently the Lions Club was offered a full weeks catering opportunity in celebration of the opening of Kenilworth Shopping Centre. They worked full days over weekends and during the week started at 16:30 until late each working day selling boerewors rolls, hotdogs, chips, steak rolls, cold drinks, coffee and tea. The enormous success of this catering project paved the way for the future fundraising direction. Soon the Lions were selling hotdogs; pancakes, popcorn and candy floss wherever they were able to obtain a booking. The Lions Club De Grendel said that they have an excellent Italian cook in Teresa Pontecelli and along with chef Freddy Coetze (Both Club members) this enabled them to provide tasty Italian takeaway foods on the last Saturday afternoon of each month; Here they offer delicious spaghetti bolognaise, lasagne and other delights. (European Foods were still in the process of gaining popularity here in South Africa at the time) The local housewives gratefully supported this take-away project.

Next the club followed this venture by hosting a food stall at the Cape Town Community Chest Fair for the next 30 years. They hosted food stalls at Goodwood 75 and Parow 75 celebrations and as well as the S.A Railway District Sports Function at the Goodwood Show grounds, each of which ran for a week. But their major successes came from the catering of weddings, birthdays, dances and special occasions. They also won the tender to supply food for the FESTO PNEUMATIC Training Courses that occupied eight days each month for a period of eight to nine years. Additionally they were also the caterers for the Readers Digest Prize Award Draws. Reluctantly the Lions Club had to withdraw from these events when certain key members were transferred away from Cape Town. This catering Heritage continued and they still assist the Cheshire homes, The Parow Catholic International Food Fair; and, various potjie competitions – with distinction, each year.

On the evening of 28 October 2016 and the afternoon and evening of 29th October 2016 the Lions Club De Grendel will once again be stoking up the fires at our two day Beer Fest Event that will be held at the Edgemead Sports Grounds. Saturday afternoon will be for the families whereas the evenings will be for adults. Good foods, music – 4 Bands, participating prize events, entertainment and many beer varieties will be available at this spectacular Beer Fest event which should not be missed!

The profits will be directed to the numerous service projects that the Lions have in the community.

For further information, kindly contact Lions Club De Grendel President Patrick Pillay mobile: 078 7973 283 or email:

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