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oct16-13-1Smart FourTwo 900 coupe
review for her

Some people call it a bumble bee; maybe it was the green/yellow colour of my test unit?  But it is the Smart FourTwo Prime and hails from the stable of Mercedes Benz.  It is smaller than small and it is compact from the outside.  The Smart is certainly a car that brings forth many opinions.

The proportions are so different that confusion reigns going from the boot to the door, because you walk right past the door.  Actually, right past the car!

Okay, so we have established that the car is small, but it is also feisty and vibey, and the quality of Mercedes shows in the interior and all round.

The FourTwo is for two people only and provides you with a nippy drive where you sit in leather seats, stitched in white, with heating buttons on the side of both seats.

The interior is curvaceous with a mixture of textures, from a cloth dash to black gloss trimmed in silver.  There is a very circular feel on the inside with big round air vents as well.

The leather-bound multi-functional steering wheel features a number of controls and is adjustable.

With five forward gears and capable of reaching a top speed of 180km/h, the Smart FourTwo can certainly perform.  The sportiness of the Prime, from the silver pedals to steering wheel more than shows through.

The features on my test unit included cruise control, Bluetooth streaming and telephone, electric windows and side mirrors, manual air-conditioner and a touch screen display with Aux and USB inputs.

The drive is easy, light and a bit on the hard side, but this is bearable thanks to comfortable seats.  The Smart must be the easiest vehicle to manoeuvre.  It is super easy to turn, park and make a U-turn in even the narrowest space – I absolutely loved it.  It has power that loves to be used.

The boot is tiny – naturally, but there are little ingenious packing spaces and little extras all over.  The only drawback is that you can only carry one passenger.  That aside, as the driver, the Smart is smart.  It drives nicely, has a style all of its’ own, and somewhere it will no doubt suit perfectly.

oct16-13-2Renault Captur 66kW dCi Dynamique
review for her

Dynamic styling, cross over SUV with curves and large wheel arches, the Renault Captur is certainly stylish and appealing.

The appeal is based on the exterior and interior appearance, as well as performance and features.

The exterior presents with all that is an SUV  large wheel arches, higher ground clearance and lines and style of design.  I found all of this to be rather appealing.

The interior is spacious, uncluttered and neatly and clearly laid out.  My test unit was among the top end and included snazzy zip covers. These are indeed a unique and an ingenious and handy idea!  The seat covers can unzipped and taken off to be washed and then zipped back on again.  The seats themselves do have decent covering, so while the covers are being washed, at least nothing looks amiss.

The dash is neat and culminates in the middle with a touch screen display edged in black gloss.  The screen provides various options, from navigation, to media and a host of vehicle settings.  The leather-bound steering wheel is multifunction, with a number of controls and is adjustable.

Neatly stocked, the Captur caters to all your needs.  Features include cruise control, Bluetooth streaming and telephone, Aux and USB inputs, electric windows, electric side mirrors, auto lights with LED daytime running lights, push button start/stop, keyless entry and auto-locking on walk-away  this is a feature I really enjoy.

With a five-speed gearbox and an eco-mode, the Captur provides and easy, smooth ride.  The gears change effortlessly and the handling and maneuvering are easy and comfortable.

The dCi in particular is the new Diesel variant that has been added to the line-up.  This is definitely a good idea in my opinion as the inclusion of a diesel variant greatly improves on the economy offered by the Captur.

The Captur can be quite sporty and provide an interesting ride, I found. However, the power was a bit lost when driving in eco-mode.

The versatility of the Captur means it can appeal to a diverse and different group.  From family to fun, all can be achieved in the Captur.

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