My Viewpoint

If you read our front page article this month, you will see that the City of Cape Town is putting forward the idea of flexi-time and carpooling in Cape Town.

To this I have to give a huge high five.  I believe this is the start of something fantastic.

Gridlock morning traffic will cease; energy drain on electricity will cease; stress levels will be lower.  These are just some of the benefits.

Now we just need businesses to jump onboard.  I guess there will be the usual resistance, but people, get with the programme – first world countries have been doing this for years.

I do not know how anyone can arrive at their office, full of life and be proactive after spending hours of frustration in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Cape Town has more cars than road, and I guess in the great scheme of things there will never be enough finance to fulfill the required needs!

I agree, this is going to be a mindset and paradigm shift and won’t fly off immediately – unfortunately.  However, before we knock it, we should at least investigate it and even give it a try.  I am sure once you start with flexi-time, you won’t look back.

So, what I think is that if you run a business, a company etc, look at ways to implement flexi-hours to your structures.  I am sure you will all be pleasantly surprised.

Well, as usual, that is my view…

See ya, Nats

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