“PAINT BOTHASIG BLUE” project and surprise Family Day

Bothasig SAPS Warrant Officers Gert Vorster and Arno Neethling with Maureen Beukes, Julie Barret and the happy children from Maureen’s Daycare in Bothasig.
Bothasig SAPS Warrant Officers Gert Vorster and Arno Neethling with Maureen Beukes, Julie Barret and the happy children from Maureen’s Daycare in Bothasig.

Since the inception of the “Paint Bothasig Blue” project at the start of September 2016 SAPS Bothasig has been well supported by the local community regarding their participation thereof.

During September SAPS Bothasig was invited to visit Maureen’s Daycare in Bothasig. Members arriving there were pleasantly surprised when all the children as well as staff were wearing blue to support the “Paint Bothasig Blue” initiative. WO Jacques Mostert informed the children how to identify police members and handed out child safety hints while his collegues, WO Gert Vorster and Arno Neethling were swamped by the enthusiastic children of the daycare facility.

The owner, Maureen Beukes conveyed well wishes and gratitude from herself as well as that of her staff, the children and their parent’s to Bothasig police for the sterling work they do. Mrs Beukes handed over a poster made by the children, which is proudly displayed in the SAPS Bothasig community service centre as well as a blue cake baked by a parent, Mrs Cheree Szebelledi.

Bothasig police also visited the residence of Johan and Carla du Toit who had painted their postbox blue in support of the “Paint Bothasig Blue” project.

In addition, members from Bothasig police were pleasantly surprised when they attended a family day hosted by business people at Tafelberg School.

According to the Advocate of the family day, Louis Slabbert, they wanted to participate in the “Paint Bothasig Blue” project but also express their thanks to Lt Col Patrick Jacobs and his hardworking staff for the good work they do in the Bothasig precinct. The theme of the day was, of course, “blue!”

The members and families were treated to board games and a jumping castle for the children, who also made good use of the swimming pool. Members and family members were given the opportunity to participate in de-stress exercises hosted by a fitness instructor. The attendees were howling with laughter as the exercises really tested their physical co-ordination levels.  Married couples later played a game, which required very careful thinking, as they were subjected to questions regarding their relationships…marriage dates and other information which could get you into trouble!

After all these activities, members were treated to a scrumptious lunch after which they could sit back and enjoy the day with their families.

Members attending the function were requested to support the SAPS Bothasig School feeding project by sponsoring spreads which could be utilized on sandwiches for the learners. The attendees responded very positively with the result that the children will have tasty sandwiches for quite some time!

The Station Commander, Lt Col Patrick Jacobs, expressed his gratitude to everyone in the community for supporting the Paint Bothasig Blue project and added that the effect their support had on the members was immeasurable.

He also expressed his gratitude to the hosts and organizer of the Family Day. He added that their support was amazing as everyone forgot about work for a while and enjoyed great company.

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