Councillor’s Corner

Dear Residents

As we head to the end of another year, I must say it has been a very busy few months since the Local Government Elections. We have had the unfortunate incident with the City-wide mowing tender that finally was managed to be attended to; we had the transfer of the Bothasig Clinic to that of a Community Day Care facility offering full curative care and much more under the Western Province Health Department; the new electricity complex has started construction in Steenhoven Street in Bothasig and I have had numerous meetings with traffic officials with regard to the constant transgressions of traffic laws as well as the horrific congestion in early morning traffic on exiting the area.

This is indeed a challenge and the fact of the matter is that there will never be enough roads for the amount of cars but still, a solution needs to be looked at.  I am motivating for an upgrade to the intersection, for pointsmen to be in attendance in the mornings to assist with the flow of traffic and for more traffic presence in the morning as well as during the day in the area to attend to the constant transgressions.

Littering and dumping is becoming an issue that is growing out of proportion.  Our green litter bins are constantly being abused with black bags, TV boxes and more being stuffed into them.  This is unacceptable and the department is reluctant to place more bins or replace the ones that are being abused.  We then have things being thrown over boundary walls – by residents who throw their rubbish and garden refuse over the wall.  The department cannot afford and does not have the resources to come into the area and clean up every day.  Regular cleaning takes place three times a week and should be sufficient, unfortunately, the area is cleaned in the morning and by the afternoon is looks like it has never been done.

I would again, like to encourage recycling.  There are many avenues to do this, through the schools, through the various igloos around the area and even through very affordable private people.  Recycling has numerous positive outcomes that range from protecting the planet to job creation.

I would like to advise residents of the numerous ways to log service requests and if this is followed, we will all assist in keeping our area and suburbs well maintained.  The City has a very interactive Facebook page, a Twitter page, a sms line, a landline and a Website where you log your complaints under eServices.  These avenues are monitored and therefore actioned acceptably.  You will receive a notification and a reference number in order that you can be kept aware of exactly what is happening with your request.  This applies to potholes, tree cutting, lights out, burst pipes etc.  Should no action be taken, you are then welcome to contact me with the reference number you received and I will then be able to follow up on that.

Regards, Helen Carstens, Ward 5 Councillor 

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