ACVV Creche De Grendel celebrates 31 years

The ACVV Creche De Grendel  celebrated its 31st birthday on October with its annual AGM/ Children’s Art Exhibition/ Cheese and Wine . The creche is very proud of their staff. The teachers could all be seen standing in front of their class displays showing off the colourful artwork of the talented children in their classes:  Valetia Swanepoel, Christell Gunther, Cindy Joseph, Mercia Fortuin, Yonika Shamrock, Angelique Joseph, Charmaine Janse van Rensburg, Miriam Black and Mavis Petjalis, some of which are seen in the photo, above.

nov16-11-2Ward Councillor Helen Carstens addressed the parents and thanked the ACVV for the wonderful work they do with the young children they are entrusted with.

Right: Emile Brown, Boei Meiring (Psychologist and Management Committee member), Lucy Moran (Principal), Colin Sunkel, Ward Councillor Helen Carstens and Heather Delport (Chairlady of De Grendel ACVV Creche Management Committee).  Emile Brown and Colin Sunkel were awarded Honorary Members of ACVV Creche De Grendel for their dedication to the creche.

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