Mitsubish Pajero review for her

The Mitsubishi Pajero Legend is indeed the legend of off-road.  True to expectations, the Pajero Legend is big, bold, macho and strong.  High off the ground, with large wheel arches, a big body and a muscular squar-ish look.

Inside it has leather seats, leather and woodgrain multifunction steering wheel, a central display screen with a smaller display above that which displays compass, range, info and more.  Auto windows and side mirrors, manual aircon, auxiliary and USB inputs – in the cubbyhole.  It certainly took me long enough to find it.

Space abounds with extra seating at the back.  The boot is large and with the rear extra seats folded down there is more than enough space.


The automatic drives like a big boy, no doubt in that.  The Legend is built for tough terrain, not suburban streets, even though it is very able in suburbia too.  The Legend is very nice to drive, with clear vision on the road from the high-seated driver position.  While the Legend is fairly agile, mall parking is not the best due to the large turning circle.

The Legend is by all means the macho off-roader it is known for and if one uses this just for city driving, the true value, character and “built for terrain” authenticity will be lost.  Consecutive Dakar Rally winner is not a title merely ignored or given away.

Let me say that the Legend offers a very comfortable ride for all passengers on city roads, but I could definitely picture this one climbing mountains.


Driving the long and short-based Pajero one after the other, gives one the opportunity of really seeing the difference, the short-base being far more spritely and light.

Having said that, this is the Pajero – the tough one, and is a Dakar Rally winner, but it felt more comfortable on city roads.

Short it certainly is, with only 2 doors.  Large wheel arches, a well-rounded bonnet and a large windscreen with a step up into the vehicle.

The dash is neat and compact with the info cluster in the centre, also displaying compass, trip and other info, just like the big daddy Pajero.

The interior is the same as the Legend.  The difference is in the size.  Here you have the option of a light city ride Monday to Friday and the option to take to the dirt roads and mountains on the weekend.

I found myself really enjoying the ease of this one – the higher ride for clear visibility as well as the light feel to the ride.

Space is slightly limited but rear-seated passengers sit comfortably – after climbing in.

The automatic transmission is silent and changes effortlessly.

The two Pajero’s are indeed legends – one the big daddy and the other a teenager.


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