My Viewpoint

It seems to me that although we have evolved so far as humans, we have somehow started going backwards.

As a “people” we are so isolated in everything.  We build high walls – although we say this is for our safety.  Well I beg to differ on that.  We drive by and “mind our own business,” we “don’t get involved” and the list goes on, as we use various methods to retreat from face-to-face interactions.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest of these “social” media tools only add to the isolation.  Having the total opposite effect to the term “social” media.  It is by no means social – actually just the opposite.

Instead of high walls and electric gates we should have open porches around our homes, where neighbours pop by and have a cup of whatever on the stoep; children should be out on the front lawn and in the street playing – everyone interacting with each other.

This way we would know our neighbours and everyone else in our street, our children will grow up talking face to face instead of via a screen on their cellphone, iPad or laptop…and communication would improve.

Don’t come back saying it isn’t safe anymore – well it isn’t safe because everyone has retreated into their very own compound leaving the streets empty for whoever to roam at will.

If we filled our streets, there would be no unwelcome guests because no would-be trouble-maker is going to weave their way down a street where everyone is in their front garden and loads of activity is taking place.

Well, as always, that is my opinion!

Till next month… See ya, Nats

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