2016 in perspective

Dear Monthly Guardian reader

I can hardly believe we are staring YEAR END in the face … so, for this edition, I thought I’d try and put into perspective what 2016 has meant to so many people out there.

For many it has been a ‘hamster’ wheel year – family, work, occasions, pressure, losses, celebrations, school sports, school exams, courses, birthdays, precious moments, friends and one month has rolled into another and BOOM the year is done!

For me, other than offering solutions to:

TEENS that need guidance when it comes to HOW to handle high school effectively, MENTORSHIP through the terms

  • Grade 9’s SUBJECT CHOICE
  • Grade 10’s did I make the right choice
  • Grade 11’s I should be working out my plans for TERTIARY EDUCATION
  • Grade 12’s what am I studying NEXT YEAR?

I also feel, from a personal and BUSINESS perspective, it’s time to REFLECT. It’s time to sort out WHAT WORKED for me this year, and WHAT DIDN’T? What I need to CHANGE so that life starts to work for ME rather than me for it – and the same can be said for business.

Where should I be FOCUSED next year? Am I STUCK and FRUSTRATED? Is life and business just getting TOO much for me? Do I want to RUN away from it all?

I have a TOOL that will put all of this into perspective – you WILL wheedle out the good from the bad. You will gleam CLARITY and direction on the way forwards. You will start 2017 on the right foot not the back foot.

“POWER 3 HOUR” is what I offer … an INDEPTH introspection of where YOU or your BUSINESS is at … it’s 3 hours of unpacking and analysing and repacking, re-energising … it’s incredibly effective and I have had tremendous response from those that have done these sessions with me.

Then, depending on your needs, fortnightly / monthly follow up sessions are available – the plan of course is to make effective changes that allow life / business to become ‘challenging, yet manageable’…

Don’t put off, don’t procrastinate … if my favourite saying resonates with you, then you know what to do: ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got’….

All that’s left for me to do is WISH you WELL for your year-end … for those celebrating Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful time, for those that don’t, but are going to take leave, ENJOY … to those travelling, travel safely and for those that want to find out more about what Synergy offers – please either WhatsApp me, email me, call me …


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