Edgemead, Celebrate your Multi-Award Winning Lions Club – De Grendel

Above: Some of the 20 members of the Lions Club De Grendel assisting with the international food fair held at the Parow Catholic Church on Saturday 5 November 2016. The total profits raised were to the sum of R197 500.

Additionally other club members ran a fruit juice stall at Huis Horizon, Stellenbosch on the same day for mentally disabled occupants. Their profits raised were approximately R350 000.


It is not always possible to experience or recognise deserved achievements, especially, when applicable to others.

Here we think of the U.K soccer league, for example: when Manchester United wins, then the supporters associate themselves with the success and “we won!” rings out from every corner, but when they lose the comments are generally a case of “they played like a crowd of clueless idiots.”

Now to contextualise the achievements of the De Grendel Lions Club, it could be likened to sitting at your child’s school prize giving and having your child / his friend being named as a top scholar in, for example, the English subject. Later on the same name is repeated for mathematics and even later also receiving the top prize for science. Amazingly the same scholar has been awarded three top prizes recognising his/her dedication and application.

Imagine then the feelings of the De Grendel Lions Club when, at the Lions mini convention held on 28 October at the Portuguese Club in Rugby, attended by the 42 clubs in the district of 410A, that the De Grendel Lions Club president Patrick Pillay was called up to the roster on 6 occasions to receive 6 top awards. I repeat 6 top awards!  Including the coveted trophy for LIONS CLUB OF THE YEAR 2015  2016.

Residents, your Lions Club continues to do you proud with their hardworking, dedicated members who serve the elderly; youth; handicapped, blind and deaf people; local indigent members of our society and our environment. Small wonder that many people in our area wish to learn about the workings of Lions Clubs in general and the local Lions Club De Grendel in particular.  To meet this need the Lions Club De Grendel are preparing an updated club information Brochure that they hope to have available at all of their clubs holiday activities in the area.

The De Grendel Lions Club wish all the readers and their families a Happy, Holy Christmas and best of luck for the New Year on behalf of all the Club Members.  We would thank you for the continued support that enables us to help people in need.

To find out more about the De Grendel Lions Club or if you would like to join the club, kindly contact Lions Club De Grendel President Patrick Pillay mobile: 078 7973 283 or email: pillay.patrick405@gmail.com

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