Edgemead Primary celebrates EPSKindness in November

Edgemead Primary celebrated #EPSKindness from 1 – 11 November. During this time, each grade was responsible to “wrap” a tree, and learners were encouraged to decorate a cut-out of their hand, which was stuck along the school passages as a visible reminder that kindness is something one DOES. Edgemead Primary encouraged families to perform Random Acts of Kindness during this time and had wonderful feedback from their learners.

The #Truper Campaign coincided with their campaign and the following learners were recognised for their kind contributions:

Sikho for his constant willingness to help and his compassionate behaviour. Daniel for lending his new shoes to a friend who had forgotten his, then wearing his older ones for the day. Tamsin for the efforts she has made in collecting bottle caps and bread tags that go towards buying a wheelchair for those that need it. Tamsin spends many weekends collecting bottle caps and bread tags from the beach  cleaning it up as she goes along!

Edgemead Primary School also managed to contribute 140 Santa Shoeboxes this year and the other items collected that didn’t make it into shoeboxes were donated to an organisation that does charity work with young people.


Above: Edgemead Primary School learner, Tamsin, with the bags of bottle caps and bread tags that she collected.

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