My Viewpoint

Here we are at the end of another year and as we enter the silly season and the madness this time of year brings, it makes me think.

I wonder how many people work themselves into a frenzy and a state of craziness when in actual fact there is no need.  Life ticks by minute by minute, second by second, whether you are calm or whether you are frenzied.  Nothing changes, so why do we bother?

The shop will still be there, the sky, the sea, the road, irrespective of what our current state of mind is.

I have decided that it is not worth it.  Rather take a deep breath, relax and take one step at a time.

Decorate your Christmas tree if that is your tradition, wrap presents and breathe.  Go about each day as if there is more than enough time and you will be amazed that there will actually be more than enough time.  This might sound a bit crazy, but try it – you will be amazed that a calm day with endless hours will result in exactly that.

We really create our own stress and I think – well I for one think that as we near the end of this year we should start the New Year with a new outlook and a new way of doing things.

After all, we cannot keep doing the same thing and then expect a different result.  In order to change the outcome, we need to change the preceding action.

Food for thought, as always, I hope.

May everyone have a Blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays and go into the best 2017 ever!

Until next year… See ya, nats

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