My Viewpoint – December 2018

Here we are at the end of another year and we should be looking forward to the arrival of the big man in the red suit. Meanwhile we have just emerged from Black – yes Black Friday and what a crazy Friday that turned out to be. I must say that I don’t really see the significance of Black Friday because the idea to have real bargains, 50% or more off a product. I mean that is how it is all over the world. Yet in South Africa we have specials, we have a few with 20 or 30% off or, if you spend R650.00 you get more of a percentage off- that is not Black Friday and yet you have people storming the shops in their droves. It is crazy, just to get a few Rands discounted. Some of the “discounted Black Friday” items were more than what they are when they are on ordinary special. I guess one step ahead and three back is the motto.

Let us rather look towards the magical time of the year that is approaching. It is the time when we get to have time off, where we spend the time with our families and our friends and we enjoy the outdoors.

I hope you are preparing to put your tree up and don’t forget to look to the sky to see those reindeer Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Donner, Dasher, Blitzen, Comet and Rudolph.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Councillor’s Corner – December 2018

Dear Residents,

2018 has come and gone in what seems like the blink of an eye.  It has been a very busy year with many changes and challenges, not least is that of the drought that we are faced with.  I would like to thank the residents of Ward 5 for rising to the challenge and doing everything within their power to save water.  This is indeed a crisis and it is in how we manage it that will make all the difference.  As we are all individuals, it is up to each of us as individuals to do our bit which contributes to the collective.  And we have been doing our bit and please do continue to do your bit. We should continue as we have been doing and even though the restriction level has dropped, don’t change what you have been doing.  It is in our best interests to continue to save and look at water as the precious resource it is in order that we never face a Day Zero again.  Once again, thank you to everyone for doing their bit and please continue to use water sparingly.

There is much construction taking place in the Ward at the moment with walkways being attended to and certain roads receiving attention.  The contractors have assured me that the area will be left clean over the coming holiday period.  The contractors will be on site for two years as they attend to much of what is needed and especially the resurfacing of Woodhead Drive in Edgemead.  This road I have pushed to be done for a number of years and am glad that it is finally receiving the attention along with mole barriers to further protect the road from caving and cracking.

The Dog Park in Adam Tas Road, Bothasig will shortly be receiving further additions in the coming months.  I must again state that this is nowhere near completion and is not as such “ready” for use however, I have said that it can be used in the meantime as it is safe to let dogs off the leash and it is the only place that a dog is allowed off the leash. 

I would like to remind residents that the IEC will be holding a registration weekend on   26th and 27th January 2019.  This will be the only time that residents will be able to update their records on the voters roll.  The IEC must get the voters roll up to date in time for the General Election in May 2019.  They have therefore stated that this will be the last registration opportunity.  It is important for residents to update their records, even if they were correctly registered last election.

I would like to encourage residents to stay safe over this Festive Season.  Please join your local neighbourhood watch or set up a Street Watch so that we can all look out for each other.  Also, report anything that you feel is suspicious to the Bothasig Police so that they are aware of what is going on and can plan their sector patrols around this.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Blessed and Merry Christmas.  I do hope you will have some quality time to spend with your family and friends.  My wish is that you will have the very best of New Years and that 2019 is all you hope it to be.

Bothasig Library Turns 30

Libraries play such an important part in our lives and community. Bothasig Library celebrated over 30 years on 16 November and from meager beginnings, it has grown to what it is today. Thank you to everyone over the years who has contributed to the Bothasig Library.
“My hope is that it will continue to grow and be a big part of the community for many years to come,” says Councillor Carstens.

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go! By: Liam Hendrickse

On Saturday 17 November, Edgemead Runners held their annual race in the Edgemead and Monte Vista area. The race underwent rebranding this year, becoming the Art & Office 10km/5km. For most of the club members it was a very early start, with the first volunteers making their way to the start/finish at Edgemead high school from 4am.

The starting gun was fired by Ward Councillor Helen Carstens signaling the start of the 10km race at 6:35am with the front runners aiming to run the course in under 30 min and in so doing a R5000 bonus from Mercedes Benz Vans in Montague Gardens. Unfortunately, this mark was missed by a mere 24 sec, however, it was still a great winning time. Following the winner was a record number of participants, each receiving a medal upon the completion of the course as well as a goodie bag supplied by our title sponsor, Art & Office. It is great to see so many people take an interest in keeping fit through running. This was followed by the 5km event that started at 7:15am. Many children were seen participating in this event as Art & Office had put down an incentive for the top 3 participating schools. Most of these finishes were also recipients of a medal and goodie bag. Across all the events, we had just over 2300 participants who were treated to a great morning in our community. Thank you to all residents for accommodating the increased traffic in the area for this.

Edgemead Runners held their awards ceremony on the 24th of November. In keeping with our motto “Fitness and Friendship” it was a great night to celebrate new and old friendships as well as all achievements on the road. Some of the most notable achievements this year was that we had two silver medalists at the Two Oceans Ultra marathon (under 4 hours to run 56km), namely Dominic Rivera and Gary Brown as well as our first silver medalist at Comrades marathon in 13 years where our mens club captain, Garreth Bornman, completed the 90.185km course in 7 hours and 28 minutes. In addition to this we had 3 members invited to represent Western Province at various SA champs events, these being Hilary Rhode, Sandra Kohnert and Johnny Persents. We’ll done to all club members for the 2017/18 running season, many of whom have run faster and further than ever before!

Remembrance Day – By CJ

Remembrance Day (also known as Poppy Day or Armistice Day) is a memorial day observed in Commonwealth countries since the end of World War I to remember the members of their armed forces who have died in the line of duty. World War I hostilities officially ended “at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month” of 1918 with the German signing of the Armistice. We remember the fallen by observing a symbolic moment of silence. Not only soldiers but also civilians are honoured in this way. The 1st minute of the silence period is in thanksgiving for those who have survived, while the second minute is to remember the fallen.

Having watched the series “World at War” and movies like The Dambusters, Schindlers List, Pearl Harbour when we were young have left terrible images and sounds in the back of my mind. Attending Remembrance Day Celebration for the first time, suddenly made these movies a reality. Seeing the Men and Women in uniform, who were representing all the countries and divisions involved carrying their wreaths, to lay them down at the foot of the memorial was to me a very honourable moment indeed. When hearing the “Last Post” one cannot but feel sad as you think of all the lost souls who suffered such horrific deaths. To think of all the young brothers and fathers who had to face enemy guns. To imagine what it must have possibly been like to hear air raid sirens going and bombs dropping. To sit beside your fellow soldier as he lay bleeding to death in muddy trenches. The smell of burning, decay, destruction that was all around must have been unbearable. To constantly be on the lookout for snipers and booby traps. The fear of being caught by the enemy to face torture would have been on their minds constantly. To carry on fighting when your body had no fight left in it. For four years the world lived in darkness, fear, starvation, sickness and death. World War I and World War II must not be forgotten, so that we can be sure that something so destructive and pointless and cruel never ever happens again.

“For the Fallen” by Laurence Binyon

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn,

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We remember them


Merry Christmas to our loyal advertisers and valued readers

dec16-01We would just like to thank all our loyal advertisers for their support over the past year.  Without you we would not be able to print this publication.  A huge thank you must also go out to our readers.  It is because of you that we print The Monthly Guardian every month.  We hope that you have enjoyed receiving a copy of your community publication every month.  If you do not receive a copy of The Monthly Guardian in your post box during the first (or sometimes the second) week of the month you can pick up a copy from one of several convenient locations mentioned overleaf.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


The City of Cape Town advises residents that overall water consumption since the imposition of Level 3 restrictions is still 10% above the savings target of 800 million litres per day. In order to protect our water resources, residents have been asked to keep their water consumption over the coming summer months in line with their consumption over winter.

Residents who would like to save water could consider harvesting rainwater or installing a borehole or water-well provided they register these with the City. This investment will also result in savings for residents in the long-run. In addition to adhering to restrictions, residents can also employ the following tips in their homes:

  • Ensure that washing machines or dishwashers have a full load before running them
  • Rinse dishes and vegetables in a basin of water rather than under a running tap, and reuse the water for pot plants or in the garden
  • Reuse rinse water for the next cycle of washing up
  • Thaw frozen foods in the fridge, at room temperature, in a basin of water, or in a microwave rather than placing them under running water
  • When using taps, don’t let the water run down the drain while waiting for the hot water or for the water to cool. Rather collect the water in a bottle
  • Close the tap when brushing your teeth
  • Plug the sink when shaving rather than rinsing your razor under running water
  • Shower rather than taking a bath – a half-filled bath uses 113 litres of water, while a five-minute shower uses about 56 litres
  • Install a water-saving showerhead, take shorter showers, don’t run the water at full force, and turn off the shower when soaping
  • Reuse bath water in your garden
  • Install a new water-saving toilet
  • Check if your toilet is leaking. Furthermore, residents can place a 2-litre bottle filled with sand into their cistern to reduce the amount of water used with each flush
  • Ensure that gardens do not require large amounts of water to maintain

For more information on water restrictions as well as a more exhaustive list of water savings suggestions, residents can visit The City will also be advising consumers of restrictions in an insert in their next municipal invoices. We encourage residents to familiarise themselves with these restrictions and display them prominently in their homes.

If residents would like to get clarity on any of the restrictions, they can also view the FAQ document at the link above. If this does not provide an explanation they need they can send an enquiry to Residents who would like to report contraventions by members of the public can do so by contacting the City’s call centre on 0860 103 089, sending an SMS to 31373, or sending an e-mail to

My Viewpoint

Here we are at the end of another year and as we enter the silly season and the madness this time of year brings, it makes me think.

I wonder how many people work themselves into a frenzy and a state of craziness when in actual fact there is no need.  Life ticks by minute by minute, second by second, whether you are calm or whether you are frenzied.  Nothing changes, so why do we bother?

The shop will still be there, the sky, the sea, the road, irrespective of what our current state of mind is.

I have decided that it is not worth it.  Rather take a deep breath, relax and take one step at a time.

Decorate your Christmas tree if that is your tradition, wrap presents and breathe.  Go about each day as if there is more than enough time and you will be amazed that there will actually be more than enough time.  This might sound a bit crazy, but try it – you will be amazed that a calm day with endless hours will result in exactly that.

We really create our own stress and I think – well I for one think that as we near the end of this year we should start the New Year with a new outlook and a new way of doing things.

After all, we cannot keep doing the same thing and then expect a different result.  In order to change the outcome, we need to change the preceding action.

Food for thought, as always, I hope.

May everyone have a Blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays and go into the best 2017 ever!

Until next year… See ya, nats

November 2016 Winner

dec16-04Left: Congratulations to Clara Harris, the winner of our November Competition.  She entered via SMS with the answer, alabaster silver – one of four correct answers.  Clara won a R200 gift voucher from Victor’s Pizza & Pasta in Bothasig. She received her prize from Patrick of Victor’s Pizza & Pasta.

To enter our December/January competition and win a prize contact us via Twitter, Facebook or our Webpage or SMS  0218018487 and you could be a winner.

Question: According to our reviews in this edition, what is the make and model of the vehicle that has a sport-mode and an ECO-mode and self-parks?

Send us your answer, along with your first and last names via facebook message, twitter @MonthlyGuardian, our website or SMS to 0218018487.

Please note that entries received that do not include a first and last name, or contact number in the message body will be deemed as invalid and not be entered into the competition.

Competition closes 26 January and entries received after this date will not be accepted.  The December/January winner will be placed in the February edition of The Guardian.  Please note you must provide us with your first and last names as well as your contact number in order to go into the draw for the monthly prize.  You must be able to collect the prize to enter.  Entrants who have won a prize in our competition must wait three months before they are able to enter again.  Only one entry per person.


New De Grendel Subcouncil Chair

Newly-elected Subcouncil 3 chairperson, Helen Carstens says she will work towards a vibrant and approachable Subcouncil that is ready to serve and assist.

Councillor for Ward 5, Edgemead and Bothasig, Carstens was re-elected in the elections in August and now elected on 15 November as Subcouncil chair.

“I am grateful to the Subcouncil staff who have tirelessly managed the Subcouncils, under much duress at times, to keep them operational during this phase,” said Carstens, “I would like to have an open-door policy and I look forward to engaging with the different communities.”

Subcouncil 3 covers 6 wards and a number of ward and proportional councillors.  Wards included are Wards 1, 4, 5, 70, 107 and 113.  This is an increase of wards and councillors from what Subcouncil 3 had prior to the elections and the changing of boundaries.

Cllr Carstens says she is up to the challenge and is looking forward to what the new position will bring.