Afrikaans Author Irma Joubert visits Edgemead Library

Above: From left to right: Maureen Swanson, Val Peirone, Irma Joubert, Marga Phillipson, Head Librarian Lorraine Matthewson and Carol Cox.

Edgemead Library welcomed a very special guest speaker on 8 March when they were visited by Afrikaans Author Irma Joubert to talk about her new book, “Tussen stasies.”  The book was translated into English as “Girl from the train.”  It has been translated and released in Dutch and German as well.

The Edgemead Library will be closing for a few weeks for some pro-active maintenance.  Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, exact dates have not been provided.  The Edgemead Library has said that patrons will be able to return books and they are attempting to set up an interim “mobile” facility.  Alternately all library members are welcome to use the surrounding libraries during the period that they are closed.




FEB15-14Why is it SO important to have a GOOD idea of the direction you are going in for Tertiary Education in Grade 9???
Because – SUBJECT CHOICE is staring you in the face and it can be OVERWHELMING!!!

If you don’t get it right, then you face the possibility of NOT being able to study for your career of choice after school, and WHO wants to CHANGE subjects in Grade 12???

Let’s MAKE SURE you get it right from the outset, let’s eliminate the STRESS for Grade 10, 11 and 12!!

SYNERGY looks at: YOU as a whole, your INTERESTS, your PERSONALITY, your VALUES and offers you POTENTIAL skills to identify the direction you are going in…THIS in turn will give YOU clarity on what subjects you should be taking to support your chosen field.

Plenty INTERACTION in the process, it is very clear and it brings you PEACE OF MIND / CONFIDENCE when handing in that CHOICE form.

SESSION 1: Assessment – 90 mins – REPORT drawn up and sent.

SESSION 2: Mediation – 45 mins – discuss report at length and allay any concerns AND then 45 mins with PARENTS to give feedback and discuss ALL to finalise decisions.

Synergy works with Grade 9 (subject choice), Grade 10 / 11 and 12 (career choice) learners.

POSITIVE outcomes proven for those that have made the RIGHT decisions and gone into their STUDIES with confidence. Many HAPPY tertiary students are following their dreams – here’s a comment just in from one of them:

Starting the Synergy Tertiary Edu programme during my gap year, I felt hopeless as to the degree I would do beyond high school after being rejected from entry into Medical School – the only sure path I wanted as a career. But, in a comfortable yet professional setting, Trudie constructed Plan B for me, and throughout the course of the programme I grew ever more confident and hopeful for my future. The programme shed a lot of light into the career paths I would be suited to pursue based on my aptitude – I was given information on what would be expected of me in each career, the remuneration involved, the length of study and the corresponding universities at which I can accomplish these degrees. At the end I had more information than I had expected and it catapulted me into a successful acceptance into a BSc Genetics and Biochemistry where I am now in my 3rd year and fully expect to pursue a Doctorate in the field. I have enjoyed my degree so much that I no longer need to pursue Medicine as I have found my new passion in life. I credit my new-found confidence to Trudie and will recommend the course to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation I was in.



Bothasig SAPS Warrant Officer Gert Vorster and Prashika Kanthapersad with the crime prevention pamphlet she received at the vehicle checkpoint on De Grendel Avenue.
Bothasig SAPS Warrant Officer Gert Vorster and Prashika Kanthapersad with the crime prevention pamphlet she received at the vehicle checkpoint on De Grendel Avenue.

On 11 March 2016 Bothasig police participated in a Tygerberg Police Cluster crime prevention exercise whereby all the police stations held vehicle control points on the exit or entrance roads in their areas.

SAPS Bothasig held theirs in De Grendel Road close to the Plattekloof Rd traffic circle. While checking the vehicles passing through, they also made use of the opportunity to circulate crime prevention hints to the motorists they encountered.