City warns of scam artist posing as City representative for electricity/water meter upgrade project

The City of Cape Town would like to inform residents to be on the lookout for a scam artist posing as a City of Cape Town employee.

The City has received at least three reports from Milnerton, Claremont and Rondebosch of residents being fleeced of thousands of rands by a person claiming to represent the City as part of an electricity and/or water meter upgrade project. The person further indicates that pensioners are being prioritised for the upgrades and makes them part with significant amounts of cash on the premise that his colleagues will arrive the following day to complete the work.

The City can assure the public that the modus operandi described does not conform with our processes. Our field staff do not handle cash – all such transactions are done at the City’s customer centres or via the appropriate electronic channels.

While the City is currently rolling out an electricity meter replacement programme, the planned replacements are free. Each replacement has a notification number on our internal systems which the City call centre can verify should a resident enquire. In addition, we do targeted marketing and mailbox drops of any planned work to be carried out in an area.

Customers will not be charged for water meter replacements initiated by the City either, unless they have formally applied for a change.

Any member of the public can verify whether visitors to their home are in fact employed by the City by:

  • phoning the call centre on 0860 103 089 to confirm whether work is being carried out in their area
  • informing the official that they will allow them entry only once the call centre has verified their identity

Residents can also ask for a letter of appointment outlining the purpose of the project on a City of Cape Town letterhead, signed by a City official with both office and cellular telephone numbers on the letterhead.

Residents should please inform the South African Police Service as well as the City in the event that they are approached by potential criminals.

Father’s Day and what it means to you

Your father is one of the most important people in your life, though you may not have made him realise this quite often. Father’s day is the occasion when you can thank your doting dad for all his efforts to make life easier for you. The occasion is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor in most parts of the world by giving gifts and greeting cards to fathers. Just like any other occasion, Father’s Day is also associated with some customs and traditions that have remained unchanged over time.

Father’s Day Customs & Traditions

Giving gifts to your father on Father’s day is a longstanding tradition. On this day, children give innovative presents to please their fathers and make them feel special. Some common gifts that are given on Father’s Day are greeting cards, chocolates, books, DVDs of movies and music or weekend getaway vouchers. There are also many children who do charity on this day.

Yet another popular Father’s Day tradition is organising a family get-together and spending time with dad. This tradition is more popular among large families, which use the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and party big time. Breakfast or lunch buffets are a common feature at such get-togethers.  Some children also arrange family picnics on this day.

Dining with dad is a tradition that is followed in almost all parts of the world on Father’s Day. while it may not be possible for some to enjoy all the meals of the day with their dad, special effort is made by all children to make sure that they eat, at least, one or two meals of the day with their dad, with the table laid with all his favorite delicacies. A lot of people also cook their Father’s favorite dishes on this day.

In many countries of the world, societies, schools and clubs have long been organising cultural programs on Father’s Day as a tribute to fatherhood. The common programmes that are organised at such events are craft making competitions, games and sports events. Board games are also played for entertaining the people and the guest of honour.

Another important tradition of Father’s day that is observed by many is writing letters to dad. Children write a letter to their daddy to tell him that he is really admired and looked up to by them. However, over the years, the tradition of writing letters has been replaced by sending emails. Irrespective of what medium is used, the tradition of writing to dad has survived through the years.

My Viewpoint

Have you ever been in a situation where there are varying degrees of perception?

Let me unpack what I find so interesting, especially when I sit and watch people and situations that go down.  Every human being walking this planet has their own idea of how something must be, and that is fully acceptable to me.  We usually call this idea, perception.  Therefore how I perceive something and how you perceive something can be totally different, yet they can both be correct.

Have you ever listened to a person’s tone of voice?  Again, how you perceive it and how I perceive it can, and usually is, in two different ways.  Also, neither is the right way or the wrong way.

I lay this out because I have come across so many different opinions and viewpoints where huge altercations take place with different people vying for their view point or opinion or perception to be correct.

I find this quite amusing, but I also find it quite frustrating, because so much time and energy gets wasted in what is actually nonsensical.  My motto is let it be.  If you want to believe that the earth is square, go right ahead and believe it.  It is not for me to convince you and stress myself out by making you see that the world is actually round – (so they say!); it is not for me to make you see things the way I see things; it is not for me to make you perceive what I perceive.  You must make your own choice.

We all have a choice in this world and with that choice follows a consequence.  It is time that people let people be, don’t be hell bent on forcing your opinion or view point on someone else.  Let everyone be and do what they decide is correct for them.  That is why I let the speedster, on the road behind me, pass – if he wants to speed, I let him, he will suffer the consequence of the speeding fine or the accident or the culpable homicide charge – that is the consequence of the choice he made.  It is not for me to get all heated about him speeding – he is speeding, I am not.  His choice and my choice, and therefore because I believe in driving the speed limit it is not for me to stress myself out and get all angry because he is not driving the speed limit.

So, “don’t sweat the small stuff” is a phrase that should be taken more literally.  Therefore, if you do not agree with me…that is your choice and it is fine 🙂

…until next month

See ya, Nats

May Competition Winner

Above: Congratulations to Christine Heyns (right), the winner of our May Competition.  She entered via SMS with the answer: capable SUV, one of three correct answers, and won a R200 gift voucher from Victor’s Pizza & Pasta in Bothasig. Christine received her prize from Patrick (left) of Victor’s Pizza & Pasta.

To enter our June competition and win a prize contact us via Twitter, Facebook or our Webpage or SMS  0218018487 and you could be a winner.  To stand a chance to win, simply find the answer to the following question in this edition of The Guardian and send it to us via facebook, twitter, our website or SMS it to us along with your name and contact  number.

To enter our June competition and win a prize contact us via Twitter, Facebook or our Webpage or SMS  0218018487 and you could be a winner.  To stand a chance to win, simply find the answer to the following question in this edition of The Guardian and send it to us via facebook, twitter, our website or SMS it to us along with your name and contact  number.

According to our review in this edition, where does the rearview camera display in the Hyundai Tucson?

Competition closes 25 June and entries received after this date will not be accepted.  The June winner will be placed in the July edition of The Guardian.  Please note you must provide us with your first and last names as well as your contact number in order to go into the draw for the monthly prize.  You must be able to collect the prize to enter.  Entrants who have won a prize in our competition must wait three months before they are able to enter again.  Only one entry per person.



On 18 May at approximately 10:30 a 60 year old resident was busy working in the garage of his residence when he was accosted by two suspects, one of whom was armed.

The suspects took the resident into his house where they tied his hands and gagged him. They then demanded his firearm and when they took the gag off, he shouted for help. The suspects assaulted him and fled the scene with his firearm and a small amount of cash.

As the suspects exited the residence they shot at a neighbour who returned fire and wounded one of the suspects. The wounded suspect was placed in a wheelie-bin by his accomplice as they fled the scene. A security official responded to a call out and encountered the suspects. When he approached them one of the suspects pointed a firearm at him and, in defence he fired a shot, wounding the gun-wielding suspect. The injured suspect in the bin then drew the stolen firearm and wanted to shoot at the security official. Luckily SAPS Bothasig arrived on the scene and assisted the security official.

Both wounded suspects, aged 23 and 26 from Du Noon, were arrested and taken to a local hospital for treatment. The house owner was also taken to hospital for treatment. Bothasig SAPS recovered two fire arms and the knife which one of the suspects used during the house robbery. A case of house robbery has been opened and is under investigation.

Anyone with more information can contact the investigating officer, D/Serg Randall Davids during office hours on 021 558 3688 or the Crime Stop number 08600 10111.

Card payments now accepted for parking in the city

Street Parking Solutions manages on-street parking in the CBD on behalf of the City of Cape Town. The parking marshals employed by Street Parking Solutions have been equipped with handheld point-of-sale (POS) devices which now make it possible for motorists to pay for parking with their bank cards.

“The marshals with the handheld POS devices are wearing badges indicating that they can accept card payments. The POS devices make it easier and more convenient to pay for parking as motorists do not always have cash on hand and then have to search for an ATM to withdraw money,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member: Transport for Cape Town, Councillor Brett Herron.

 In October 2014 Street Parking Solutions also adopted SnapScan technology – an alternative payment option allowing motorists to pay for parking using a smartphone application.

‘I want to assure motorists that the parking marshals are still obliged to accept cash as payment for parking, despite the additional payment methods that are now available. That said, we have been informed by Street Parking Solutions that motorists are impressed with the POS devices and the convenience they bring. On-street parking in the CBD is charged at R3,40 per 15 minutes during business hours. Charging for parking is one method of ensuring a high turnover of parking bays in an area where there is a big demand for on-street parking, such as in the CBD,’ said Councillor Herron.

Bosmansdam High victorious over guests Edgemead High at annual Rugby Derby

Bosmansdam High School recently played host to Edgemead High in their annual Rugby Derby Day that has become a much anticipated event. It was a lovely day of good, hard derby action. Bosmansdam’s u/14 and u/15 teams narrowly lost, but the u/16 and u/19B teams scored impressive victories of 31-14 and 31-7 respectively.

The highlight of the day was the 1st XV match that ebbed and flowed and really entertained the large crowd that was present. It could have gone either way, but on the balance of the day, the Bosmansdam Knights emerged the victors with a final score of 14-7.


Above: The Knights’ powerful lock, Roland Nelson, goes on another of his impressive runs. Edgemead’s Christopher Lowe (hooker) attempts to make the tackle as Cameron Andrews (far left) of Edgemead and Charl Carstens (far right) of Bosmansdam approach to assist.


A senior couple residing in Edgemead had a frightening experience on 19 May when they were robbed at gunpoint after stopping in front of their home.

According to the 72 year old resident they went to ABSA at N1 City to draw cash in order to pay contractors, who are in the process of renovating their house, as they are unable to receive payment via EFT.

When they stopped in front of their house, they got out of their vehicle and started to walk towards their front door. Two unknown men ran up to them pointing a firearm and demanding money. The residents’ wife, who was closer to the house than him, saw what was happening and showed the two robbers her hand bag, which the one assailant then grabbed. Both ran back to their vehicle, a Mercedes Benz, in which they arrived, and fled the scene.

The couple then discovered that thankfully the large amount of cash had fallen out of the handbag and into a flower pot during the commotion. The robbers however did make off with a very expensive handbag containing car keys, a wallet containing money and other personal property.

The couple suspects that they might have been observed when drawing money at N1 City and followed home.  They were very thankful that no one had been injured during the incident.

A case of armed robbery has been opened and is currently under investigation by SAPS Bothasig. Anyone with information regarding this incident can contact the investigation officer, Const Thulile Ruka during office hours on 021 558 3688 or the Crime Stop number on 08600 10111.

The station commander, Lt Col Patrick Jacobs, mentioned that members of the community could be targeted when drawing large amounts of cash at banks. His advice is to look around, even when inside the bank. If anyone is exhibiting suspicious behaviour, immediately inform security and, if necessary, redeposit the cash. When travelling with large amounts of cash, check regularly to ensure that you are not been followed. In the event that you followed, drive straight to the police station closest to you and report the matter.

Edgemead Primary contacted to become a “Twin School”

Recently Edgemead Primary School was contacted to become a “TWIN SCHOOL” to Long Pu Elementary School in Taiwan. Mrs Mahabeer made contact with the co-ordinator at the school and set up a group of Grade 6 learners (as requested according to their ages) to start communication with a group of children at Long Pu Elementary.

The children first communicated via email and now have a weekly “Skype session”. The children on both sides thoroughly enjoy the experience look forward to chatting to their new friends every Friday.

Xtreme Racing clinches 6th overall at 3rd Leg of CPMCC Rally Championship in Malmesbury

The 3rd leg of the Cape Peninsula Motor Cycle and Car Club (CPMCC) Rally Championship took place on Saturday 4 June.  The field consisted of nearly 30 competing vehicles – the largest number to date according to Xtreme Racing driver, Trevor Hodges.

The leg consisted of six stages across three tracks in the Malmesbury and Philidelphia areas.

Xtreme Racing came in second in class and sixth place overall.  Driver Trevor Hodges and navigator, Ian Thebus were satisfied with their position, considering trouble that befell them on the fourth stage where they lost second gear coming into a corner and broadslided into a barrier, resulting in a flat tyre for the rest of the stage.