Total Control Electrical was established in 2000 by Dave Morley and operated from home for 6 years servicing the corporate industry (SAB Miller, Nampak and Parmalat) on all their electrical requirements.

Dave opened up a shop at The Village Centre in Vryburger Avenue, Bothasig in January 2007 to service the local contractors and residents in a
ddition to all of his corporate customers.

In order to better serve his clients and provide for their needs, Total Control Electrical Wholesalers will be moving during the first week of December. Total Control will be relocating from shop 9, to shop 4 which is the old Village Grocer.  Dave is very excited about the move as it will drastically increase the size of his store with Total Control now having “out-grown” the existing premises.


In line with the directive from the National Department of Water and Sanitation, the City of Cape Town has implemented stage 3 water restrictions from 1 November, with corresponding tariffs increasing from 1 December.

According to a report from the City, Cape Town residents as a whole did not achieve the consistent 10% reduction in water use that was mandated from 1 January 2016. If we continue to use water as we did on Level 2 restrictions over the coming summer months, the dams are at risk of falling to 15% by the end of the summer period. Following on, if we experience poor rainfall next rainy season, we could find our dams at approximately 50% this time next year.

Under the level 3 restrictions the following will apply:

  • Watering/irrigation (with drinking water from municipal supply) of gardens, lawns, flower beds and other plants, vegetable gardens, sports fields, parks and other open spaces is allowed only if using a bucket or watering container. No use of hosepipes or automatic sprinkler systems is allowed.
  • Cars and boats may only be washed with water from buckets.
  • Manual topping up of swimming pools is allowed only if pools are fitted with a pool cover. No automatic top-up systems are allowed.
  • No portable play pools are permitted to be used.

Additionally, the City will continue to optimise abstraction of water from the various dams in consultation with the National Department and surrounding municipalities. This may entail periodic adjustment to the bulk water distribution system, which could lead to intermittent water clarity issues or changes in water taste for those with sensitive palates. Should we experience unusually hot and windy conditions during summer, this may promote algalgrowth in the dams which could also give rise to an earthy taste and smell to the water. Activated carbon is utilised at the water treatment plants to remove most of the taste and smell. All water supplied will remain safe to drink.

They will also be lowering distribution system pressures where possible to reduce leakage from municipal and private water systems. This will mean that water may flow more slowly from taps and fittings. We thank residents for their understanding in this regard.

More information on current water restrictions as well as tips on how to save water can be found here:

My Viewpoint

It seems to me that although we have evolved so far as humans, we have somehow started going backwards.

As a “people” we are so isolated in everything.  We build high walls – although we say this is for our safety.  Well I beg to differ on that.  We drive by and “mind our own business,” we “don’t get involved” and the list goes on, as we use various methods to retreat from face-to-face interactions.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest of these “social” media tools only add to the isolation.  Having the total opposite effect to the term “social” media.  It is by no means social – actually just the opposite.

Instead of high walls and electric gates we should have open porches around our homes, where neighbours pop by and have a cup of whatever on the stoep; children should be out on the front lawn and in the street playing – everyone interacting with each other.

This way we would know our neighbours and everyone else in our street, our children will grow up talking face to face instead of via a screen on their cellphone, iPad or laptop…and communication would improve.

Don’t come back saying it isn’t safe anymore – well it isn’t safe because everyone has retreated into their very own compound leaving the streets empty for whoever to roam at will.

If we filled our streets, there would be no unwelcome guests because no would-be trouble-maker is going to weave their way down a street where everyone is in their front garden and loads of activity is taking place.

Well, as always, that is my opinion!

Till next month… See ya, Nats

October Competition Winner

nov16-04Congratulations to Pat Mason, the winner of our October Competition.  She entered via SMS with the answer, 180km/h.  Pat won a R200 gift voucher from Victor’s Pizza & Pasta in Bothasig.

To enter our November competition and win a prize contact us via Twitter, Facebook or our Webpage or SMS  0218018487 and you could be a winner.

Question: According to the article in the motoring section of this edition, the Honda BR-V is available in four colours. Name one of these colours.

Send us your answer, along with your first and last names via facebook message, twitter @MonthlyGuardian, our website or SMS to 0218018487.

Competition closes 25 November and entries received after this date will not be accepted.  The November winner will be placed in the December edition of The Guardian.  Please note you must provide us with your first and last names as well as your contact number in order to go into the draw for the monthly prize.  You must be able to collect the prize to enter.  Entrants who have won a prize in our competition must wait three months before they are able to enter again.  Only one entry per person.


November and December Happenings at Edgemead / Monte Vista Library

Mrs Naomi Knight and Miss Joan Swart at the coffee morning held at Edgemead / Monte Vista Library in October.

The Edgemead / Monte Vista Library held a coffee morning in October with the theme “Those were the days.”  Everyone was invited to attend and bring along a momento / picture from their past and share the story with the group.  Miss Joan Swart brought her 70+ year old doll along and shared the story about the doll with the group.

The library will be closing from 9 November and re-opening on 14 November. This closure is necessary for technicians to upgrade the ADSL connection for all the PC’s to Fibre Optic lines which will offer faster internet and a better experience to all who visit the library to use the computers.

The Friends of the Edgemead/Monte Vista library will be hosting their mini craft market inside the library from 16 November to 3 December. The car boot sales continue to be a regular event on the first and last Saturday of every month and are especially busy during the warmer summer months.

The current quarterly children’s reading programme will be ending at the end of December. Those in the programme receive a sticker for each book read.

The Edgemead / Monte Vista Library will be holding a children’s holiday programme on 8 and 13 December.

For further info on any of the above please contact Edgemead / Monte Vista Library on 021 444 7353/4

Lions International Peace Poster Contest

Past President, Lion Mieke Johnson posing with Patrick Kabaya winner of the Edgemead Primary School, Edgemead. 2016 “Peace Poster” competition.

2016 commemorates the 29th Annual Lions International Peace Poster contest which is titled “A Celebration in Peace.”

This is a project that enables the Lions Club worldwide to help understand the needs of the youth and get to know them better by recognising the value of investing more time and effort towards helping them to present the ideas on how to create a world living in peace and harmony. “Our work with youth is never done. There will always be room for improvement by starting a new project that empowers youth understanding or enhancing our current young scholars in partnerships whereby introduced and connected to Leos’ and so being informed of the codes and objectives of the Leos’ organisation,” said Lion Mike Wood.

All participating Lions Clubs assist this worldwide “Peace Poster” contest by encouraging the youth of the community to participate and to express their feelings of peace. By promoting this contest at the local schools the Lions help the scholars to strengthen their relationships with their schools and communities. Lions are continuously searching for inspiration to engage the youth in new service challenges that are presented in each unique community. Some of these projects help assist the sick and elderly; giving food donations to the poor; blanket collections; second hand clothing, shoes and toy collections; youth and adult education and development; and, also providing entertainment to others.

Working with Lions and Leos’, their ideas are supported and facilitated. But individually school goers’ leadership and other potentials are developed – especially where they see their own ideas being executed. Read more

Disability Equipment ensures park caters for all

nov16-08The Bend Park in Edgemead is a park that is becoming fully inclusive as it contains equipment that truly caters for all.  Play equipment, gym equipment as well as disabled equipment.  This park will allow for activities for the whole family.  Ward Councillor Helen Carstens advised that the swings, and now the newly installed round-about are allocations from her ward budget.  “Next to be installed will be a see-saw for the disabled,” said Cllr Carstens, “it is my wish that inclusivity is demonstrated and that families who have disabled children are not excluded from enjoying outdoor activity.”

Illegal dumping continues

nov16-10This is becoming a growing problem in our area. It is dumping and it is illegal. Yet besides those facts, it also degrades our area and makes it look untidy and dirty.  There are numerous ways to dispose of unwanted goods besides dumping it on a road verge. Cllr Carstens also explained that the green refuse bins are being abused, “these are meant for walkers, runners etc to throw their rubbish in as they go by, not for overflow household black bags and rubbish no longer wanted to be stuffed in. Should anyone witness this taking place, please take a photo and report it on the City of Cape Town Website so that we can fine these culprits.”

ACVV Creche De Grendel celebrates 31 years

The ACVV Creche De Grendel  celebrated its 31st birthday on October with its annual AGM/ Children’s Art Exhibition/ Cheese and Wine . The creche is very proud of their staff. The teachers could all be seen standing in front of their class displays showing off the colourful artwork of the talented children in their classes:  Valetia Swanepoel, Christell Gunther, Cindy Joseph, Mercia Fortuin, Yonika Shamrock, Angelique Joseph, Charmaine Janse van Rensburg, Miriam Black and Mavis Petjalis, some of which are seen in the photo, above.

nov16-11-2Ward Councillor Helen Carstens addressed the parents and thanked the ACVV for the wonderful work they do with the young children they are entrusted with.

Right: Emile Brown, Boei Meiring (Psychologist and Management Committee member), Lucy Moran (Principal), Colin Sunkel, Ward Councillor Helen Carstens and Heather Delport (Chairlady of De Grendel ACVV Creche Management Committee).  Emile Brown and Colin Sunkel were awarded Honorary Members of ACVV Creche De Grendel for their dedication to the creche.

Upgrades to electricity supply in Bothasig

Ward Councillor Helen Carstens advised that in her meetings with Eskom with regard to the construction taking place in Bothasig, they have advised that due to the aging electrical infrastructure an upgrade to the electricity network was needed.

This will result in all the mini sub stations, meter kiosks and underground cabling being replaced. To replace this equipment trenching along the pavements will take place which will be reinstated to its original state as far as possible.  This will be undertaken after all the work has been completed.

The twenty-two old mini sub stations in the area will be replaced by five. Due to this, additional meter kiosks will be installed on the pavements.

Construction was planned to be completed by the end of September 2016, but due to unforeseen circumstances Eskom has advised that this timeframe has been extended to 31 March 2017.

Eskom apologises for the delay and the inconvenience caused to residents and has ensured that once completed, reinstatement will begin.