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Councillor’s Corner

Dear Residents

Here we are, fresh out of elections and at the start of a new term of Council.  It is indeed very exciting with processes being put into place.

To this end it is welcoming that at our Council meeting in August, the Mayor announced a new level of service delivery for the City of Cape Town.  This was adopted at Council and is in the process of being instituted.  I am indeed excited about this as it proposes to bring a higher level of service delivery to each area.

In essence, it is the decentralization of services.  Instead of having various departments attending to a request – which results in a slow process – there will be a team allocated to each Sub Council that will comprise of all the necessary.  To further explain this, let me illustrate as follows:  There is a burst pipe – water department come and fix the leak – they leave the road open – weeks later roads come and repair the road. Now, this will happen all at the same time as there will be a team of multiple workmen.  This team will work 24 hours a day on a shift basis and there will be a 24-hour response time.  The team will service all the wards allocated to the Sub Council which makes their area smaller as now they currently service a whole district.

Due to the restructuring required, this system is scheduled to be in place by January 2017.  It is certainly a welcome change to look forward to and will assist in improving service delivery which seems to be lacking at times.

Currently there are a number of ways to report a service request and I urge residents to make use of these as this will assist in keeping the area neat and tidy.  When reported, there is a tracking number assigned and this allows for a follow up to be carried out and keeps processes answerable and accountable.  If no success is achieved through any of the reporting processes, then an email can be sent to myself with the reference number which I will then follow up on.

I would like to provide feedback on the Bothasig Clinic.  This is still currently under the City of Cape Town, providing primary health care.  The process of transferring to Province is happening.  There are many variables and processes that have to be adhered to in this process and it is rather a lengthy process at that.  Rest assured my finger is on the pulse at all times and at no point will I allow this to alter or change in any way.  I have had meetings with the relevant role-players and I can confirm that the Western Province Health Department are ready to take up the reigns as soon as the process has been completed.

I have also contacted City Health and requested that they continue to maintain the grounds at the Clinic until the process is complete, as it is unacceptable for the grounds to be left to develop into a forest.

Regards Helen Carstens, Ward 5 Councillor 

Fun Hats with Creative Bothasig Seniors

Ward Councillor Helen Carstens attended an afternoon with the Bothasig Seniors of the Golden Age Seniors Club.  Their theme for the afternoon was that of hats but with a twist – the hat had to resemble something starting with the letter “B”.

sept16-12bCllr Carstens joined in the spirit of the theme, but did not take part in the competition, however she did help to judge.  “This was very difficult,” said Cllr Carstens “because everyone had such fantastic ideas and it was clear that the creativity was indeed flowing.”

Councillor Carstens thanked everyone for their support and effort in the past elections and said that she enjoyed visiting with them, and hoped to receive invites to all their activities, and that she would do her utmost to attend.

“The seniors are such an important part of our community and have the wisdom and knowledge of many years.  Just because the bones don’t do what the brain remembers, does not render seniors any less productive than the rest of us,” said Carstens.

Adult colouring sessions at Edgemead / Monte Vista Library

Juli Grobler and Glenda Hon enjoying a colouring session earlier this year.
Juli Grobler and Glenda Hon enjoying a colouring session earlier this year.

Edgemead Monte Vista Library will be starting with weekly colouring-in sessions for adults on Thursday mornings from 10:00 to 13:00 with the first session taking place on Thursday 8 September. The library will supply some pencils and pictures for people who just want to see whether they like this form of “art”.

The concept behind it is to share ideas and talk “shop” with fellow artists. The library invites all interested people to join them as this is a great way of destressing and also gives the brain the opportunity to unintentionally do some problem solving.

For more information contact Lorraine Mathewson at the Edgemead Monte Vista Library on 021 444 7352/3.


Don’t forget 24 September is Heritage Day.  Heritage Day encourages South Africans to come together to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and the diversity of our rainbow nation.

Now that Spring is in the air and the warmer weather has reared its head, you can be sure that more people will be having braais again in the coming months.

What better way to kick off than to have your inaugural braai signaling the end of winter and the coming of fun and sun, on the day that we celebrate our country’s heritage.

So dust off the grill, light a fire and invite a few friends around for a ‘dop en tjop’ as we all raise a glass to our beautiful country.

Drive for him and for her


sept16-15aPeugeot 208 1.2T GT Line auto review for her

The Peugeot 208 is a nippy, snazzy hatch.  It has a compact appearance with a bump for the rear and a sloping slant to the neat bonnet in the front.  The front appearance presents a large grille, edged in silver up to the lights which wrap around the sides.

Inside, there is no mistaking that this 208 is built with a heart for sport.  The red thread flows through the stitching on the seats, the stitching on the steering wheel and follows through to the inlays in the doors.

The multifunction steering wheel is leather-bound and adjustable, and it too denotes the sport ability of the 208 with the flat bottom and smaller size, making for easier turning and maneuverability.

The dash flows in two parts that have the driver info and the “dropped” display screen with controls directly below it.  This presents a compact and neat appearance which is easy to see and navigate.

The 208 has all the niceties of electric windows and mirrors, cruise control, Aux, USB, Bluetooth for telephone and media streaming as well as auto-locking and split-folding rear seats.

The new 208 is in all ways sharper and more distinctive with the new front bumper and integrated grille.

It is a small car, but certainly packs a punch.  Passengers sit comfortably and the ride is comfortable and quiet.

The auto that I drove was great fun, easy to handle and quite simply a fantastic drive.  It has what is most needed as well as the sporty side and provides an economical ride.

The Peugeot 208 is an impressive offering and stands up to most of its competitors, offering a lot more of the things standard here, that are only available as extras on other vehicles in this class.

What’s more when you buy a new Peugeot you are buying peace of mind as every new Peugeot comes standard with a 100,000 km warranty and Premium Maintenance plan.

sept16-15bMahindra KUV100 1.2 review for her

The KUV100 is certainly an interesting little number.  Looking at it you see a cross-over that looks strong and daring with a high thick grille that flows through to the rear where it meets high tail lights.

The roof racks and higher ground clearance create a strong stance for the KUV100. There are many niceties that stand out, like the driver door lighting, that light up on opening the door and the auto-door locking on drive-away.

The interior is indeed spacious and the front cabin has plenty of space.  The dash is high and the gear lever is situated up high, just under the dash.  This creates extra space on the floor level, and I found this the perfect place to put my handbag, where it is totally out of sight.

The dash is totally uncluttered and easy to see and operate.  The tiny screen displays driver info and radio.  Directly below that, all at hand and eye-level, are the air-con dials and buttons and the gear lever.  The steering wheel is multifunctional and adjustable.

The KUV100 has Bluetooth telephone and media streaming, electric windows with auto in the front, electric mirrors, LED daytime running lights and the driver display includes a gear-indicator to show what gear you are in.

The KUV100 has a snazzy look about it.  The headlights wrap around to a sliver on the sides that taper to the front of the doors. Likewise the tail lights from the protruding rear have a curved line to the rear doors.

The rear doors have concealed handles, in thick silver, which allows that even though they are concealed they can be easily seen.  Front door handle and side mirrors are colour-coded to the body.  The side mirrors have thick grooves, which along with the roof racks, creates a rugged, sporty look.  The black accentuated wheel arches add to this.

The KUV100 has two drive modes, an ECO-mode and a POWER-mode.  The ECO mode I found to be quite sluggish, but switch over to POWER mode and the KUV is indeed nippy.

Light and easy to drive, the five-speed manual provides a comfortable drive, is easy to park and easy to maneuver.

It would seem cabin space was enlarged, resulting in a rather small, but deep boot area.

The pull-type parking brake takes some getting used to, but top of my list is most definitely the outstanding fuel efficiency.  Here the KUV100 is tops in my books.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one and just a few refinements would render it outstanding.

Traffic fines ‘warrant’ explanation

The City of Cape Town would like to caution motorists against an increase in warrants of arrest being generated for failure to appear in court – in large part because some motorists appear not to understand the difference between the types of fines issued.

As a result, unsuspecting motorists run the risk of being arrested for unpaid traffic fines.

Traffic enforcement agencies generally issue two types of fines – the Section 341 notice and the Section 56 notice.

A Section 341 notice is issued in circumstances where it is not evident who the driver is, for instance, a parking ticket or an offence captured by means of a camera. For such offences, vehicle owners receive fines in the post. If the fine is not paid, a summons follows with a date to appear in court.

Section 56 notices are issued where an enforcement officer physically stops a motorist and issues the fine. It is primarily used for moving violations that are witnessed by the officer. The Section 56 notice has the option of a fine, which, if not paid is an automatic written notice to appear in court on a date stipulated on the fine. Vehicle owners do not receive notices in the post for Section 56 notices.

‘This is where things have come unstuck, unfortunately. Some motorists are under the misguided impression that they’ll receive a follow up notice in the post and when that doesn’t arrive, they happily carry on with business as usual – until they are stopped at a roadblock or by a member of our roving Automated Number Plate Recognition Unit and discover that there is a warrant out for their arrest. Not only is there the very real risk of arrest and time in a holding cell, but it also means that we are dealing with a pile of warrants that could have been avoided if only the motorist realised that the physical fine that was issued was, in fact, their notice to pay.

‘I have to add that not everyone is necessarily blissfully ignorant; some simply choose to disregard the fine even though they are informed by the officers issuing the ticket of the consequences. I have very little sympathy for this category of motorist, because they are the scofflaws who clearly don’t have any respect for the law and think traffic fines are a joke,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith.

In recent years, the City has introduced a number of measures to help expedite the generation and execution of warrants for outstanding traffic fines, including:

  • an agreement with the Sheriffs of the Court to help execute warrants of arrest
  • the introduction of the Admin Mark on eNatis which prevents motorists from renewing their vehicle licence if they have outstanding warrants
  • the introduction of an SMS reminder service to motorists with outstanding fines
  • the introduction of automatic number plate recognition technology in traffic vehicles to trace scofflaws
  • the ramping up of Operation Reclaim, which aims to track down warrant evaders

‘I am compelled to remind members of the public that the issuing of traffic fines is not a revenue-chasing exercise, but the enforcement of national legislation that prescribes how motorists are expected to behave on the roads. We’ve introduced these additional layers to track down errant motorists because when people realise that their actions have consequences, they start modifying their behaviour. We then end up with safer roads and a lower road death toll. Cape Town has already seen results in this regard which spurs us on to hold even more motorists accountable,’ added Alderman Smith.

Bosmansdam High Interschools against Labori High in Paarl

Above: The Knights’ spirit really shown through on Interschools day as the supporters were ably led by our enthusiastic cheerleaders from left: Kelly Van der Phol, Shanice Steenkamp, Latavia James, Charne Ingram, Zahraa Kensley, Nadine Van der Pholl, Kiara Landman, Jessica Versterseen here with head cheerleader, Jayvin Chisholm, donning the Knights mascot costume.

The Knights u/19A Hockey girls who beat Labori 1-0. The team is Back Row: Tamsyn Niemandt, Sade Etheridge, Ethel Hlahla, Hannah Danvers and Morona Hopane. Middle Row: Natasha Mitchell, Wilene De Bruyn, Anne-Marie Esterhuizen and Karine Mbilizi. Front Row: Tiffini Trim, Zahraa Kensley (captain), Ivannah Hough.
The Knights u/19A Hockey girls who beat Labori 1-0. The team is Back Row: Tamsyn Niemandt, Sade Etheridge, Ethel Hlahla, Hannah Danvers and Morona Hopane. Middle Row: Natasha Mitchell, Wilene De Bruyn, Anne-Marie Esterhuizen and Karine Mbilizi. Front Row: Tiffini Trim, Zahraa Kensley (captain), Ivannah Hough.

On the 20th of August, the Bosmansdam Knights participated in their annual Interschools against Labori High School in Paarl.  The competitive events included Chess, Debating, Cross-country, Netball, Hockey and Rugby. Winning in Paarl is extremely difficult, but the 1st XV fought bravely and narrowly lost 3-14. Bosmansdam High’s u/19A Hockey girls were however victorious. Their 1st Netball team who has only lost one match the entire season had an uncharacteristically poor day in front of goal and despite a dominant performance simply could not convert good play into points. Bosmansdam High School said that they are however still very proud of their magnificent team which includes five Western Province players!

Dear Learner… What is important when choosing a CAREER…

FEB15-14Well let’s start with, what IS a career?  In today’s’ world, it is more a career PATHWAY that you are choosing as once you have studied within a career field, there are always doors that will open for you within that field and further studying that can be done!

Gone are the days where you left school, became a bookkeeper, worked your entire life as a bookkeeper and eventually retired with the same company, where you drew a pension from for the rest of your days!

Now a career is far more ‘flexible,’ things are changing at such a rapid rate, that unless you move with the times and update yourself with knowledge, you will be left behind … that is why it is so very important to look very carefully at what FIELD of study you wish to go into and empower yourself with knowledge on the advancement opportunities within that field.

There is one particular bit of advice I’d like to impart, and that is MAKE SURE you choose the right subjects at school that will support your chosen career through Tertiary Education! It is not completely too late to wake up in matric and realise that you don’t have the right subjects, as one can always do a post matric year and study the necessary subjects … but

WHY would you want to do this when you have the opportunity to get it right when choosing your subjects in Grade 9? Afterall, it’s not ideal to have to put in a further year or two of studying before you get to apply to University or College!

Most University / College Degrees require Math & Physics… there are a number of careers that don’t require these subjects, but by far the majority do, and IF you want to study

Engineering, Medicine or Science, then you need a HIGH pass in these two subjects.

So over and above choosing the right subjects and getting good marks for them, you also need to write entrance tests to get into some institutions – there is a tremendous amount of competition to get it, and unfortunately, at times, even with excellent marks, you don’t qualify for your chosen course.

It is therefore imperative to have a second and third choice…you also don’t want to be in the position where you go into a course because your peers are going into it, nor do you necessarily want to follow what Mom & Dad do/suggest. It is best to EMPOWER YOURSELF with as much knowledge about the various fields of study and the careers within those fields so that you can make an informed choice about your future!

If you do not do this, the chance that you may drop out of University / College in year one are very real.

So, for SUPPORT in making these important choices, visit my website www.synergycoaching.co.za and see the Tertiary Education Program I offer learners … it is intensive and thorough, but well well worth it if you want ‘peace of mind!’

Take the GUESS work out of the decision making process…I support the Education process through empowerment – hop onto the website and contact me if you like what you see…


City Parks must choose between mowed parks and spring flowers

The City’s Parks Department has to choose between neat, mowed parks and verges, or a glorious display of newly blossomed spring flowers every year.

‘This is the choice which the City is faced with at this time of year,’ said the City of Cape Town’s newly appointed Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services, Councillor Anda Ntsodo.

The annual spring flowers are making their appearance in various public open spaces and open tracts of land within the city. This sometimes causes contention on whether the areas should be mowed, or whether the wild flowers should be left undisturbed for the enjoyment of residents.

‘Cape Town has been experiencing winter with periods of warm weather, which promotes the germination and the rapid growth of many species of wild flowers and grasses across the metropole. A particular challenge is that the grass and weeds also thrive under these conditions. Almost overnight, parks and sidewalks can start to look untidy,’ said Councillor Ntsodo.

Many residents and visitors to the areas where the flowers occur contend that they should be left untouched and not mowed until the seeds have ripened and dropped. It must be emphasised, however, that this results in the grass eventually dominating the flowers.

‘The City Parks Department normally curtails the mowing of certain areas during the flowering period to allow them to bloom and shed their seeds. Parks managers try to find a happy medium, weighing up their knowledge of the relevant areas and the demands of the public in trying to achieve a pragmatic compromise,’ said Councillor Ntsodo.

City Parks will closely monitor the areas that are starting to look untidy. Additional hours will be worked by staff and contractors to limit or reduce any mowing backlogs.

‘I would like to appeal to residents to please be patient during this time of year. The City Parks Department is committed to prompt and effective service delivery and all efforts will be made to keep our parks and sidewalks tidy and properly maintained,’ said Councillor Ntsodo.

Any concerns about uncut grass in parks and on sidewalks can be directed to the City Parks’ general enquiries contact number on 021 400 9538.