Edgemead, Celebrate your Multi-Award Winning Lions Club – De Grendel

Above: Some of the 20 members of the Lions Club De Grendel assisting with the international food fair held at the Parow Catholic Church on Saturday 5 November 2016. The total profits raised were to the sum of R197 500.

Additionally other club members ran a fruit juice stall at Huis Horizon, Stellenbosch on the same day for mentally disabled occupants. Their profits raised were approximately R350 000.


It is not always possible to experience or recognise deserved achievements, especially, when applicable to others.

Here we think of the U.K soccer league, for example: when Manchester United wins, then the supporters associate themselves with the success and “we won!” rings out from every corner, but when they lose the comments are generally a case of “they played like a crowd of clueless idiots.”

Now to contextualise the achievements of the De Grendel Lions Club, it could be likened to sitting at your child’s school prize giving and having your child / his friend being named as a top scholar in, for example, the English subject. Later on the same name is repeated for mathematics and even later also receiving the top prize for science. Amazingly the same scholar has been awarded three top prizes recognising his/her dedication and application.

Imagine then the feelings of the De Grendel Lions Club when, at the Lions mini convention held on 28 October at the Portuguese Club in Rugby, attended by the 42 clubs in the district of 410A, that the De Grendel Lions Club president Patrick Pillay was called up to the roster on 6 occasions to receive 6 top awards. I repeat 6 top awards!  Including the coveted trophy for LIONS CLUB OF THE YEAR 2015  2016.

Residents, your Lions Club continues to do you proud with their hardworking, dedicated members who serve the elderly; youth; handicapped, blind and deaf people; local indigent members of our society and our environment. Small wonder that many people in our area wish to learn about the workings of Lions Clubs in general and the local Lions Club De Grendel in particular.  To meet this need the Lions Club De Grendel are preparing an updated club information Brochure that they hope to have available at all of their clubs holiday activities in the area.

The De Grendel Lions Club wish all the readers and their families a Happy, Holy Christmas and best of luck for the New Year on behalf of all the Club Members.  We would thank you for the continued support that enables us to help people in need.

To find out more about the De Grendel Lions Club or if you would like to join the club, kindly contact Lions Club De Grendel President Patrick Pillay mobile: 078 7973 283 or email: pillay.patrick405@gmail.com

Lions International Peace Poster Contest

Past President, Lion Mieke Johnson posing with Patrick Kabaya winner of the Edgemead Primary School, Edgemead. 2016 “Peace Poster” competition.

2016 commemorates the 29th Annual Lions International Peace Poster contest which is titled “A Celebration in Peace.”

This is a project that enables the Lions Club worldwide to help understand the needs of the youth and get to know them better by recognising the value of investing more time and effort towards helping them to present the ideas on how to create a world living in peace and harmony. “Our work with youth is never done. There will always be room for improvement by starting a new project that empowers youth understanding or enhancing our current young scholars in partnerships whereby introduced and connected to Leos’ and so being informed of the codes and objectives of the Leos’ organisation,” said Lion Mike Wood.

All participating Lions Clubs assist this worldwide “Peace Poster” contest by encouraging the youth of the community to participate and to express their feelings of peace. By promoting this contest at the local schools the Lions help the scholars to strengthen their relationships with their schools and communities. Lions are continuously searching for inspiration to engage the youth in new service challenges that are presented in each unique community. Some of these projects help assist the sick and elderly; giving food donations to the poor; blanket collections; second hand clothing, shoes and toy collections; youth and adult education and development; and, also providing entertainment to others.

Working with Lions and Leos’, their ideas are supported and facilitated. But individually school goers’ leadership and other potentials are developed – especially where they see their own ideas being executed. Read more

Lions Octoberfest in Edgemead

Above: Ward Councillor Helen Carstens with Lion President Patrick Pillay and Lion Alan Donaldson at the De Grendel Lions Club Octoberfest in Edgemead.

The de Grendel Lions Club hosted an Octoberfest at the Edgemead Community Hall at the end of October.  This was a fundraising activity that the Club undertook.  The Lions are a humanitarian world-wide group who assist, help and contribute to the communities they serve.

The Octoberfest saw residents come out and enjoy some social time with friends and neighbours and it was agreed that a good time was had by all.

Preserving our earth on Heritage Day

Ward Councillor Helen Carstens and the Lions Club De Grendel joined forces with Wolraad Woltemade Primary School to celebrate Heritage Day.
The traditional braai was going and at the same time, pupils were learning to preserve their heritage.

The earth we now live on and the environment we now have is what we need to preserve for years to come and generations to come.  Therefore, to honor our heritage from what our forefathers have left for us and to preserve our environment for future generations is what the day was all about.

Cllr Carstens spoke about the need to preserve the Earth and all who inhabit it.  This she said was attained by respect for our surroundings.  One of the ways we respect our surroundings is in not littering or dumping and in recycling.  This will firstly keep the area clean and recycling will alleviate the drain on the landfill sites and protect the ozone layer.

“If every single person disposed of their waste in the correct way  be it a cool-drink bottle or an old wooden cupboard  we would have a clean environment and a healthy environment.  If everyone practiced the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, think what a clean environment we would have,” said Cllr Carstens.

Everyone went around the school and the perimeter and picked up all the litter and the Lions Club De Grendel prepared burgers for everyone when they returned.

Greening the area for Arbour Month

oct16-02-1Chevron Refinery, in an effort to green their surroundings and also to celebrate their 50 years of existence,
planted a number of trees down Koeberg Road, alongside the refinery.  Councillor Carstens and Donna Fata from Chevron assisted in the planting.

Right: Celebrating Arbour Month, Ward Councillor Helen Carstens and the Lions Club De Grendel planted some trees at the Bothasig Community Food Garden.  These were donated by the Lions Club and Cllr Carstens.  De Grendel Lions President Patrick Pillay planted the trees with the assistance of Lion Allan Donaldson.


44 years ago The Lions Club De Grendel was established in our area and found it necessary to source ways of raising funds to use to finance the Clubs’ activities.

New ways were required because the club was in competition with the many newly established Churches, Schools, Sports bodies and other bodies providing a service to the local residents.

Many of the areas housing developments were still on the drawing board and both Monte Vista and Bothasig were only about one third occupied. The residents were serviced by convenience stores, Pick ‘n Pay was just starting up and other conglomerates were due to follow later on. Edgemead and all the other suburbs extending from the Plattekloof Road side of Monte Vista right up to the Tygerberg Hills were wild and covered in bush.

Obviously there were no restaurants, nor take away shops that could give the local housewives a break from their daily cooking duties.

Coincidently the Lions Club was offered a full weeks catering opportunity in celebration of the opening of Kenilworth Shopping Centre. They worked full days over weekends and during the week started at 16:30 until late each working day selling boerewors rolls, hotdogs, chips, steak rolls, cold drinks, coffee and tea. The enormous success of this catering project paved the way for the future fundraising direction. Soon the Lions were selling hotdogs; pancakes, popcorn and candy floss wherever they were able to obtain a booking. The Lions Club De Grendel said that they have an excellent Italian cook in Teresa Pontecelli and along with chef Freddy Coetze (Both Club members) this enabled them to provide tasty Italian takeaway foods on the last Saturday afternoon of each month; Here they offer delicious spaghetti bolognaise, lasagne and other delights. (European Foods were still in the process of gaining popularity here in South Africa at the time) The local housewives gratefully supported this take-away project.

Next the club followed this venture by hosting a food stall at the Cape Town Community Chest Fair for the next 30 years. They hosted food stalls at Goodwood 75 and Parow 75 celebrations and as well as the S.A Railway District Sports Function at the Goodwood Show grounds, each of which ran for a week. But their major successes came from the catering of weddings, birthdays, dances and special occasions. They also won the tender to supply food for the FESTO PNEUMATIC Training Courses that occupied eight days each month for a period of eight to nine years. Additionally they were also the caterers for the Readers Digest Prize Award Draws. Reluctantly the Lions Club had to withdraw from these events when certain key members were transferred away from Cape Town. This catering Heritage continued and they still assist the Cheshire homes, The Parow Catholic International Food Fair; and, various potjie competitions – with distinction, each year.

On the evening of 28 October 2016 and the afternoon and evening of 29th October 2016 the Lions Club De Grendel will once again be stoking up the fires at our two day Beer Fest Event that will be held at the Edgemead Sports Grounds. Saturday afternoon will be for the families whereas the evenings will be for adults. Good foods, music – 4 Bands, participating prize events, entertainment and many beer varieties will be available at this spectacular Beer Fest event which should not be missed!

The profits will be directed to the numerous service projects that the Lions have in the community.

For further information, kindly contact Lions Club De Grendel President Patrick Pillay mobile: 078 7973 283 or email: pillay.patrick405@gmail.com

Handicapped guest of honour at 1:1 Day Fair

As long as the Lions Club De Grendel has been involved, Albert Glass has convened the 1:1 day Fair.
This project almost missed celebrating its’ 36th annual birthday this year because, until the intervention of the Western Capes’ Helen Zille, whereby she arranged a venue for the event at the Bellville Velodrome, the organisers had not managed to find a venue to host this event which took place on 21 August 2016. Fortunately a looming disaster turned out magnificently in spite of the stormy weather conditions that moved across the Cape Peninsula on that weekend.

The annual 1:1 day affair perhaps demonstrates the warm hearts of Cape Town citizens in the highest degree. Communities across the length and breadth of the greater Cape Town, young and old, rise up and volunteer their help and assistance to this project. Additionally many Firms donate goods and time, and help to provide a day of enjoyment and excitement to the intellectually and physically disabled handicapped guests.

This day is a unique display of collectively doing kindnesses with others. From early morning dozens of buses and other transport types start to arrive at the 1:1 venue and offload their precious cargo. The volunteer hosts befriend the guests and accompany them by leading them or pushing their wheel chairs, visiting all the stalls manned by the participating volunteer organisations. At 1:1 the various religious and service organisations, social, student and school groups unite with their focus directed towards giving the handicapped a special enjoyable day.

The 60+ stalls are set up with a wide variety of fun filled challenges whereby the “guests” are able to earn prizes and gifts, whether they participate successfully or not. At the end of the day they return home with their goody bags filled with gifts, sweets and other delights that they are able to enjoy later on.

Live entertainment with Drummies, Jazz Bands and Disco Music pulsates from the stage urging all to participate in the singing and dancing at the “foot” of the stage. A fond memory of the 2015 event which was staged at the Milnerton Trade Fair Premises was then Western Cape Premier Helen Zille singing four songs accompanied by Karaoke whilst the hosts and guests were dancing enthusiastically below.

This day is free and all costs are covered by the participating organisations. This includes the hiring of the venue and transportation for the handicapped guests from the centres and their living quarters. Albert Glass has organised this massive event successfully for 34 years and deserves a huge “thank you.” This event is directed at the guests, enabling them to interact with normal society, sharing in the fun, and entertainment and is provided with a much needed stimulus.

From a humble beginning in 1981 where 1250 guests were hosted 1:1 now receives over 3500 guests. This project has helped dispel the myth that normal society is not able to interact with the handicapped. It is indeed a wakeup call to observe the special way, the understanding, the levels of tolerance, and appreciation that the handicapped demonstrate. It is a privilege to witness this interaction of all and to see the thanks and gratitude in the smiles of the guests.

One of De Grendel’s Clubs’ budding philosophers chirped that perhaps the convener should change his name to “ALBERT GUPTA” and then the RSA’s armed forces will be queuing up to offer the use of their hangars and storage warehouses as possible future venues. We would be absolutely spoilt for choice. Seriously, this is a problem which was brought about by the leasing of the Cape Town Civic Centre in recent years after having been the host venue in the past. The Lions Club De Grendel would like to thank Premier Helen Zille for her help and interest in this project. We sincerely hope that 1:1 may grow and continue for many years ahead.

Should anyone require more information or provide ideas as to a future location for a possible host venue, please email Albert Glass:  albert.glass@gmail.com

De Grendel Lions feed the needy for 67 Minutes on Mandela Day

De Grendel Lions President Patrick Pillay giving food parcels to an old age home in Welgelegen on Mandela Day.

De Grendel Lions Heather, Janet and Jeanne with soup at Dirkie Uys Clinic in Goodwood.
De Grendel Lions Heather, Janet and Jeanne with soup at Dirkie Uys Clinic in Goodwood.

Each Year the Lions Club De Grendel supports Mandela Day by celebrating 67 minutes of service by donating blankets or preparing food for the needy. This year the club made a few “potjiekos”, curry & rice meals and pots of soup which fed approximately 200 beneficiaries.

Those who attended the Goodwood Day Hospital, some Welgelegen Old Age Home Residence a few Kent DurrResidants  The Parow Greens, Ruyterwacht, and Delft Senior Residents were fed on Mandela Day.

The Club would like to thank all businesses who donated food that was used for this project.

A time to come and a time to go: Lions Tony & Hettie Allan – Serving Lions 1974 T0 2016

An old African proverb contains an amazing truth, “It takes a whole village to bring up a child.”  We are all products of the community that we grew up in. Our parents gave us our biological form, the family raised us but the community impacted on our lives and shaped us by their influences. For this we thank the community and need to help contribute to the solution of their problems by contributing to their future hopes. In this aim a person needs to be forthcoming and help plan to uplift the areas facilities and to cater for the needs of all, both young and old.

A thoughtful saying “To meet someone is an opportunity to provide a kindness.”  An earlier 2016 Braintainment Magazine Edition devoted a full multi page article on how the spirit of kindness actually returns many benefits to the donor(s):

Generally their health is better than others; Their stress levels are lower; They experience a wondrous upliftment of inner feelings due to their compassion, love and generosity and they share much laughter; Many additional benefits accrue to the donor especially when actively involved by giving time and assisting with community service.

Perhaps community service volunteers have discovered a secret that has eluded others preferring to operate as an island. (Here Firms also need to be reminded of their Social Responsibilities) The answer will not be known until the first step is taken and the toes are allowed to get wet.

Here our club would like to report the involvement of two special persons with 42 years active membership who have resigned but decided to remain Friends of the Lions Club De Grendel.

It would be an impossible task to attempt to record the gratitude, emotions and words for all of their assistance, friendship, dedication and support over these years – but until the English language develops such a word, a simple “Thank You” will have to suffice.

Lions Club De Grendel was chartered on 14 June 1974, at Libertas Hotel. The Charter night was a glittering occasion, and Tony Allan was one of 40 Lions inducted and, his wife, Hettie as Lion Lady. Tony said that most of the Charter Lions were friends, and all were very excited at the idea of forming a brand new Lions Club. Their membership included a host of business people, and enthusiasm and the wish to serve the less privileged abounded. The Lions Club with its` large young membership, was very enthusiastically involved in all the services that they do today, plus many others.

Lion Tony said that some of the nostalgia of the Charter Evening of 1974 was re-lived, when he had the privilege as outgoing President in 1999, to arrange the Lions Club De Grendel’s 25th anniversary, with a large number of past Presidents in attendance. Lion Lady Hettie was inducted as a Lion in May 1999, which coincided with his tenure as Zone Chairman. Tony added that she was always very supportive throughout, and always assisted him with all his projects.

“Talking of projects – beside all the regular Club projects and various portfolios – one of my favourite projects was twinning with Lions Clubs` abroad. In the process we made many friends, and also visited when travelling overseas. One of the projects closest to my heart, was initiating the Hearing Aid Exchange Project, with Lion Gerald Adams of Exeter West Lions Club in the UK.  The project resulted in excess of 20,000 H/Aids being supplied to us for distribution to our local hospitals, for the benefit of the under privileged at no cost, since 1998,” said Lion Tony

“In closing the above, all points to a united team effort by Lions, who had great fun while serving those in need out there. All of this was made much easier for all of us as male lions, with the assistance of our willing and able female partners in service, with all our projects plus theirs. We were like one great big family – great occasions – great -camaraderie – all done in the true spirit of Lionism.”

“We have given many hours, days, weeks, months and years of service.  It was not an easy decision, but we have finally decided to step down after 42 years of rewarding service to our community as Lions,” Lion Tony added.

To put the Hearing-Aid Project, partnered with the Lions Club of Exeter West in perspective, every digital hearing aid costs R16 000. The total value of the project will be in excess of R40 million at second hand value.

Extra members and help are always welcomed in particular for the September Ladies Spring Day Dinner and Fun packed afternoon and for the “October Beer fest.”

Please contact the De Grendel Lions Club President Patrick Pillay  on 078 797 3283 or email: pillay.patrick405@gmail.com if you wish to find out more information about the club.

Lion Mike Wood, De Grendel Lions Club

De Grendel Lions Club celebrates 43 years

The Lions Club De Grendel celebrated its 43rd birthday on 29 May, representing 43 years of voluntary service to the community and other citizens of the Cape Peninsula and South Africa.

“This was no small achievement and deserves our thanks together with our greatest respect,” said Lion Mike Wood.

“The club continues its legacy and amongst many other projects the food collection and delivery project is paramount where, thanks to our sponsors, food is collected and delivered on 26 days each month.  Weekly we feed 250 people, which amounts to providing over 13000 meals per year,” he added.

This is just one of the club’s responsibilities that will ensure future generations can look back on the club with respect and gratitude and be proud to be associated with the club.

Members soon develop belief in themselves which, coupled to a whole-hearted approach, make it possible to visualise different approaches towards achieving their target.  “At times, in order to make things happen, ice must be broken to allow rivers to flow freely,” Mike said. Read more