Edgemead Primary celebrates EPSKindness in November

Edgemead Primary celebrated #EPSKindness from 1 – 11 November. During this time, each grade was responsible to “wrap” a tree, and learners were encouraged to decorate a cut-out of their hand, which was stuck along the school passages as a visible reminder that kindness is something one DOES. Edgemead Primary encouraged families to perform Random Acts of Kindness during this time and had wonderful feedback from their learners.

The #Truper Campaign coincided with their campaign and the following learners were recognised for their kind contributions:

Sikho for his constant willingness to help and his compassionate behaviour. Daniel for lending his new shoes to a friend who had forgotten his, then wearing his older ones for the day. Tamsin for the efforts she has made in collecting bottle caps and bread tags that go towards buying a wheelchair for those that need it. Tamsin spends many weekends collecting bottle caps and bread tags from the beach  cleaning it up as she goes along!

Edgemead Primary School also managed to contribute 140 Santa Shoeboxes this year and the other items collected that didn’t make it into shoeboxes were donated to an organisation that does charity work with young people.


Above: Edgemead Primary School learner, Tamsin, with the bags of bottle caps and bread tags that she collected.


dec16-19Chevron recently hosted the Chevron Science Quest at the Cape Town Science Centre. The first stage was held during the third term of last year where learners from Bosmansdam High School took part in a Physical Science quiz as part of 80 finalists from various schools located around the Chevron Refinery in Milnerton. Bosmansdam is very proud of Harriet Tewesa in Gr.10 who finished first!

Right: Bosmansdam’s prize-winners: Alfred Chirwa, Albertina Franzolini, Harriet Tewesa and Nathaniel De Hahn with Ms. Makapa Makhoro from Chevron.

Lions International Peace Poster Contest

Past President, Lion Mieke Johnson posing with Patrick Kabaya winner of the Edgemead Primary School, Edgemead. 2016 “Peace Poster” competition.

2016 commemorates the 29th Annual Lions International Peace Poster contest which is titled “A Celebration in Peace.”

This is a project that enables the Lions Club worldwide to help understand the needs of the youth and get to know them better by recognising the value of investing more time and effort towards helping them to present the ideas on how to create a world living in peace and harmony. “Our work with youth is never done. There will always be room for improvement by starting a new project that empowers youth understanding or enhancing our current young scholars in partnerships whereby introduced and connected to Leos’ and so being informed of the codes and objectives of the Leos’ organisation,” said Lion Mike Wood.

All participating Lions Clubs assist this worldwide “Peace Poster” contest by encouraging the youth of the community to participate and to express their feelings of peace. By promoting this contest at the local schools the Lions help the scholars to strengthen their relationships with their schools and communities. Lions are continuously searching for inspiration to engage the youth in new service challenges that are presented in each unique community. Some of these projects help assist the sick and elderly; giving food donations to the poor; blanket collections; second hand clothing, shoes and toy collections; youth and adult education and development; and, also providing entertainment to others.

Working with Lions and Leos’, their ideas are supported and facilitated. But individually school goers’ leadership and other potentials are developed – especially where they see their own ideas being executed. Read more

ACVV Creche De Grendel celebrates 31 years

The ACVV Creche De Grendel  celebrated its 31st birthday on October with its annual AGM/ Children’s Art Exhibition/ Cheese and Wine . The creche is very proud of their staff. The teachers could all be seen standing in front of their class displays showing off the colourful artwork of the talented children in their classes:  Valetia Swanepoel, Christell Gunther, Cindy Joseph, Mercia Fortuin, Yonika Shamrock, Angelique Joseph, Charmaine Janse van Rensburg, Miriam Black and Mavis Petjalis, some of which are seen in the photo, above.

nov16-11-2Ward Councillor Helen Carstens addressed the parents and thanked the ACVV for the wonderful work they do with the young children they are entrusted with.

Right: Emile Brown, Boei Meiring (Psychologist and Management Committee member), Lucy Moran (Principal), Colin Sunkel, Ward Councillor Helen Carstens and Heather Delport (Chairlady of De Grendel ACVV Creche Management Committee).  Emile Brown and Colin Sunkel were awarded Honorary Members of ACVV Creche De Grendel for their dedication to the creche.

Bosmansdam High Matric Council for 2017

Bosmansdam High School’s new Matric Council (prefects) for 2017 were officially sworn in at their recent Prestige Prizegiving evening.


Above: Seated in the foreground are the new head prefects. They are (from left to right): Marona Hopane (Deputy Chairperson), Candice Wallace (Secretary) and Jamie Mannel (Chairperson). Also attending the event and in the picture are: James Vos (Bosmansdam Old-Boy & Member of Parliament – front right), Helen Carstens (Ward Councillor – middle row, right of centre) and Danie Human (Headmaster – right rear).

Preserving our earth on Heritage Day

Ward Councillor Helen Carstens and the Lions Club De Grendel joined forces with Wolraad Woltemade Primary School to celebrate Heritage Day.
The traditional braai was going and at the same time, pupils were learning to preserve their heritage.

The earth we now live on and the environment we now have is what we need to preserve for years to come and generations to come.  Therefore, to honor our heritage from what our forefathers have left for us and to preserve our environment for future generations is what the day was all about.

Cllr Carstens spoke about the need to preserve the Earth and all who inhabit it.  This she said was attained by respect for our surroundings.  One of the ways we respect our surroundings is in not littering or dumping and in recycling.  This will firstly keep the area clean and recycling will alleviate the drain on the landfill sites and protect the ozone layer.

“If every single person disposed of their waste in the correct way  be it a cool-drink bottle or an old wooden cupboard  we would have a clean environment and a healthy environment.  If everyone practiced the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, think what a clean environment we would have,” said Cllr Carstens.

Everyone went around the school and the perimeter and picked up all the litter and the Lions Club De Grendel prepared burgers for everyone when they returned.


Edgemead High School makes sandwiches for a needy Primary school in the area once a week (Thursdays).
Noticing the drop in the number of sandwiches over the past few weeks the netball girls took it upon themselves to improve the number of sandwiches made, making over 500 sandwiches on Thursday 18 August 2016. They put the challenge out to their hockey girls to top that number the following week!

Bosmansdam High Interschools against Labori High in Paarl

Above: The Knights’ spirit really shown through on Interschools day as the supporters were ably led by our enthusiastic cheerleaders from left: Kelly Van der Phol, Shanice Steenkamp, Latavia James, Charne Ingram, Zahraa Kensley, Nadine Van der Pholl, Kiara Landman, Jessica Versterseen here with head cheerleader, Jayvin Chisholm, donning the Knights mascot costume.

The Knights u/19A Hockey girls who beat Labori 1-0. The team is Back Row: Tamsyn Niemandt, Sade Etheridge, Ethel Hlahla, Hannah Danvers and Morona Hopane. Middle Row: Natasha Mitchell, Wilene De Bruyn, Anne-Marie Esterhuizen and Karine Mbilizi. Front Row: Tiffini Trim, Zahraa Kensley (captain), Ivannah Hough.
The Knights u/19A Hockey girls who beat Labori 1-0. The team is Back Row: Tamsyn Niemandt, Sade Etheridge, Ethel Hlahla, Hannah Danvers and Morona Hopane. Middle Row: Natasha Mitchell, Wilene De Bruyn, Anne-Marie Esterhuizen and Karine Mbilizi. Front Row: Tiffini Trim, Zahraa Kensley (captain), Ivannah Hough.

On the 20th of August, the Bosmansdam Knights participated in their annual Interschools against Labori High School in Paarl.  The competitive events included Chess, Debating, Cross-country, Netball, Hockey and Rugby. Winning in Paarl is extremely difficult, but the 1st XV fought bravely and narrowly lost 3-14. Bosmansdam High’s u/19A Hockey girls were however victorious. Their 1st Netball team who has only lost one match the entire season had an uncharacteristically poor day in front of goal and despite a dominant performance simply could not convert good play into points. Bosmansdam High School said that they are however still very proud of their magnificent team which includes five Western Province players!

Edgemead Primary Derby Day against Tableview Primary

Supporters of all ages showing their love for their home team at Edgemead Primary School’s annual Derby Day against Table View in August.
Supporters of all ages showing their love for their home team at Edgemead Primary School’s annual Derby Day against Table View in August.

On Saturday 27 August, Edgemead Primary School hosted their annual Derby Day against Tableview Primary School. It was a fantastic day filled with great memories and wonderful examples of sportsmanship. Edgemead Primary extended a huge thank you to Tableview for continuing this tradition with them. Edgemead Primary would like to congratulate Tableview Primary’s first team rugby boys who took home the coveted trophy, narrowly beating the Edgemead boys, 11 – 9.

Edgemead Primary would also like to extend congratulations to all the chess, rugby, netball and hockey players, as well as the cross country athletes who competed on the Friday before. You all did your schools proud!