Letters to the Editor

Worse than stepping in dog poo

Stepping in dog poo in your own garden is the pits. But stepping in dog poo in your own garden when you don’t even have any dogs of your own is even worse. 

We reside in Bothasig and have a palisade fence in the front of our property. We don’t have any pets and yet there is often dog poo on our lawn, inside the fence! Clearly some people in the neighbourhood think that it is ok to allow their dogs to defecate on other people’s property just because they are small enough to fit through the fence. I’m sure we are not the only residents who experience this problem and find it very annoying, inconsiderate and even rude. Besides the inconvenience to us and other residents, surely, as dog owners, you should know that it is illegal to allow your dogs off their leash in public and that you are expected to pick up after your dogs???

All we ask is for you to show some common decency and consideration when walking your dog in the neighbourhood, just as we are sure you would expect the same from the next person!!

Annoyed resident, Bothasig

Girl Guides and Rangers join Lions and SAPS for “Bag a Burger”

The group consisting of Bothasig Rangers, Girl Guides, Lions from the Merriman Club and members of Bothasig SAPS with the bags that were filled during their litter patrol on 14 May.
The group consisting of Bothasig Rangers, Girl Guides, Lions from the Merriman Club and members of Bothasig SAPS with the bags that were filled during their litter patrol on 14 May.

On Saturday 14 May SAPS Bothasig was invaded by 15 wide eyed and bushy-tailed members from the Bothasig Girl Guides and Rangers.

Their mission: To participate in a “Bag a Burger” environmental project in Bothasig in collaboration with the Merriman Lions Club and Bothasig police.

The excited girls were met by Lions (Warrant Officer) Jacques Mostert and Kevin Leach, who briefed them on the mission and handed out black bags and protective gloves.

The Guides and Rangers left the police station on a designated route and started cleaning up the environment by picking up litter on their route. They were accompanied by Reservist Constable Johan Prinsloo and Guiders from the Girl Guides and Rangers. When necessary, the patrol van in the area was called in to transport the filled bags to the police station.

While this was taking place Lions Mostert and Leach were busy braaiing hamburger patties and preparing burgers which were very deservedly worked for.

When the Rangers and Girl guides reported back to the station they were handed something to wet the whistle. WO (Lion) Mostert then gave an awareness talk regarding substance abuse. He was supported by two members from the UCAN rehabilitation centre who shared their experience regarding substance dependency and the impact thereof on their lives and the lives of their families.

The questions raised by the audience were answered honestly and stern warnings issued by the two guest speakers that help should be asked for instead of going down the addiction route. One of the members explained how he got involved and the lengths he would go to get hold of drugs, even if it meant he had to steal from his mother to support his habit. He mentioned that he has been in rehab for a while and that his mother had spoken to him only a few weeks ago for the first time in three years.

After the serious business was concluded, the workers were treated to burgers and more cold drinks. When the group left they vowed that they will definitely be back at SAPS Bothasig to partner on more projects.

Mrs Tanya Prinsloo, Ranger guider, expressed thanks to the Merriman Lion Club and Bothasig police for arranging the project and for including them. She added that she is certain the current relationship will further blossom in the future.