New De Grendel Subcouncil Chair

Newly-elected Subcouncil 3 chairperson, Helen Carstens says she will work towards a vibrant and approachable Subcouncil that is ready to serve and assist.

Councillor for Ward 5, Edgemead and Bothasig, Carstens was re-elected in the elections in August and now elected on 15 November as Subcouncil chair.

“I am grateful to the Subcouncil staff who have tirelessly managed the Subcouncils, under much duress at times, to keep them operational during this phase,” said Carstens, “I would like to have an open-door policy and I look forward to engaging with the different communities.”

Subcouncil 3 covers 6 wards and a number of ward and proportional councillors.  Wards included are Wards 1, 4, 5, 70, 107 and 113.  This is an increase of wards and councillors from what Subcouncil 3 had prior to the elections and the changing of boundaries.

Cllr Carstens says she is up to the challenge and is looking forward to what the new position will bring.

Councillor’s Corner

Dear Residents

I am happy to report that the Bothasig CDC, formerly Bothasig Clinic, is moving along at full speed.  I am grateful for all the positive feedback received and am very happy that so many are now able to access a variety of services on their doorstep.

As we look to the end of another year, we also look to the promise of a new year and there are indeed exciting things the City has planned.  The first would be the Organisational Development Plan that will among others, see a new level of service delivery rolled out.  Due to roll out in January, we will see service delivery being localised and brought closer to the community.  The localised elementary service delivery will attend to among others, water leaks, electricity faults, potholes and other residential service issues.  This is a new approach that is sure to bring about a faster response time and I am indeed looking forward to this.

As we wind down at this time of year, it is usually the time that dumping and littering increases, and I urge residents to do so within the ambient of the law.  It is very easy to use one of the City’s green bins but be mindful that it will look full and untidy for a number of days until it is emptied.  Likewise, dumping on our open fields will also leave the area untidy.

I would further like to remind residents of the City’s Give Responsibly drive.  Especially at this time of year, our hearts go out to those less fortunate than ourselves.  It is worthwhile to bear in mind that when we give handouts to one and all, we are encouraging and enabling them.  It is not helping or uplifting.  What this does, is keeps them in this situation with no need or motivation to improve as their needs are met in their current situation.  There are many shelters and organisations that assist and help, and places like hospices that will come to you and fetch what you have.

Recycling is also a key aspect that we really need to take more seriously.  There are so many options available in our area, even the option of collection from our homes.

Another aspect that has previously been mentioned is that of house numbers.  At this time of year when an emergency can easily happen, it is important that emergency services are able to easily locate your house.

I would like to stress to residents to be extra vigilant at this time of year when crime generally increases.  Please report anything suspicious to the SAPS and do become involved in your neighbourhood watch.

Please adhere to the water restrictions and let us all do our bit to save. Any water transgressions can be mailed to or send an SMS to 31373.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish one and all a very Blessed Christmas that offers you the opportunity to wind down and spend some quality time with your family and friends.  I wish you a wonderful New Year that is filled with peace and happiness.

Helen Carstens, Ward 5 Councillor 

Disability Equipment ensures park caters for all

nov16-08The Bend Park in Edgemead is a park that is becoming fully inclusive as it contains equipment that truly caters for all.  Play equipment, gym equipment as well as disabled equipment.  This park will allow for activities for the whole family.  Ward Councillor Helen Carstens advised that the swings, and now the newly installed round-about are allocations from her ward budget.  “Next to be installed will be a see-saw for the disabled,” said Cllr Carstens, “it is my wish that inclusivity is demonstrated and that families who have disabled children are not excluded from enjoying outdoor activity.”

Illegal dumping continues

nov16-10This is becoming a growing problem in our area. It is dumping and it is illegal. Yet besides those facts, it also degrades our area and makes it look untidy and dirty.  There are numerous ways to dispose of unwanted goods besides dumping it on a road verge. Cllr Carstens also explained that the green refuse bins are being abused, “these are meant for walkers, runners etc to throw their rubbish in as they go by, not for overflow household black bags and rubbish no longer wanted to be stuffed in. Should anyone witness this taking place, please take a photo and report it on the City of Cape Town Website so that we can fine these culprits.”

Upgrades to electricity supply in Bothasig

Ward Councillor Helen Carstens advised that in her meetings with Eskom with regard to the construction taking place in Bothasig, they have advised that due to the aging electrical infrastructure an upgrade to the electricity network was needed.

This will result in all the mini sub stations, meter kiosks and underground cabling being replaced. To replace this equipment trenching along the pavements will take place which will be reinstated to its original state as far as possible.  This will be undertaken after all the work has been completed.

The twenty-two old mini sub stations in the area will be replaced by five. Due to this, additional meter kiosks will be installed on the pavements.

Construction was planned to be completed by the end of September 2016, but due to unforeseen circumstances Eskom has advised that this timeframe has been extended to 31 March 2017.

Eskom apologises for the delay and the inconvenience caused to residents and has ensured that once completed, reinstatement will begin.

Councillor’s Corner

Dear Residents

As we head to the end of another year, I must say it has been a very busy few months since the Local Government Elections. We have had the unfortunate incident with the City-wide mowing tender that finally was managed to be attended to; we had the transfer of the Bothasig Clinic to that of a Community Day Care facility offering full curative care and much more under the Western Province Health Department; the new electricity complex has started construction in Steenhoven Street in Bothasig and I have had numerous meetings with traffic officials with regard to the constant transgressions of traffic laws as well as the horrific congestion in early morning traffic on exiting the area.

This is indeed a challenge and the fact of the matter is that there will never be enough roads for the amount of cars but still, a solution needs to be looked at.  I am motivating for an upgrade to the intersection, for pointsmen to be in attendance in the mornings to assist with the flow of traffic and for more traffic presence in the morning as well as during the day in the area to attend to the constant transgressions. Read more

Preserving our earth on Heritage Day

Ward Councillor Helen Carstens and the Lions Club De Grendel joined forces with Wolraad Woltemade Primary School to celebrate Heritage Day.
The traditional braai was going and at the same time, pupils were learning to preserve their heritage.

The earth we now live on and the environment we now have is what we need to preserve for years to come and generations to come.  Therefore, to honor our heritage from what our forefathers have left for us and to preserve our environment for future generations is what the day was all about.

Cllr Carstens spoke about the need to preserve the Earth and all who inhabit it.  This she said was attained by respect for our surroundings.  One of the ways we respect our surroundings is in not littering or dumping and in recycling.  This will firstly keep the area clean and recycling will alleviate the drain on the landfill sites and protect the ozone layer.

“If every single person disposed of their waste in the correct way  be it a cool-drink bottle or an old wooden cupboard  we would have a clean environment and a healthy environment.  If everyone practiced the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, think what a clean environment we would have,” said Cllr Carstens.

Everyone went around the school and the perimeter and picked up all the litter and the Lions Club De Grendel prepared burgers for everyone when they returned.

Greening the area for Arbour Month

oct16-02-1Chevron Refinery, in an effort to green their surroundings and also to celebrate their 50 years of existence,
planted a number of trees down Koeberg Road, alongside the refinery.  Councillor Carstens and Donna Fata from Chevron assisted in the planting.

Right: Celebrating Arbour Month, Ward Councillor Helen Carstens and the Lions Club De Grendel planted some trees at the Bothasig Community Food Garden.  These were donated by the Lions Club and Cllr Carstens.  De Grendel Lions President Patrick Pillay planted the trees with the assistance of Lion Allan Donaldson.

Edgemead Bowling season opens

On Saturday 1 October, Cllr Helen Carstens opened the Edgemead Bowling Season on their greens on Edgemead Drive.

Edgemead Bowling Club is a vibrant club with many prominent bowlers who have made the Club proud.

“I am indeed proud to have such strong sporting codes in my ward and Edgemead Bowling Club certainly qualifies as one of the strong codes,” said Cllr Carstens.

Carstens did the first roll and was told that she did very well and should consider taking up bowls.

Farmersfield Market opens

Farmersfield Village in Edgemead held their yearly market on Saturday 1 October. Councillor Helen Carstens presided over the opening and cut the ribbon signifying the opening of the market.

“it is a fitting place to be today as we kick off with Older Persons Month,” said Cllr Carstens “and although this is a little village for “senior citizens”, I always say that age is relative.”

Above: Ward Councillor Helen Carstens with Farmersfield Manager Keith Porter.